Thursday, July 13, 2017

Really Random, June 2017, Part 2

Do you have city clean-up where you live--that opportunity to clean out your garage/attic/closets/yard clippings, and the city will haul it away?

We found these in the rafters, and since we are in the decluttering mode, and these had not been down from the rafters in probably about 20 years, out to the street they went. Mark thought it would be funny to put them together. People drive by constantly and take things from your pile. These were gone before we had barely finished putting them together.
Some things went to Salvation Army, including this small shelf that my father made. Don't worry--I have a lot of his beautiful woodworking projects, so I somewhat reluctantly let this one go.
Along with this table from my tole painting days.
 And this mailbox that I painted to hold Christmas cards.
And this display stand from Mark's woodworking days.
Nope, these did not go anywhere but my closet. I discovered I must really love yellow shoes.
The organization that Christa works for (Central Valley Justice Coalition) had a fundraiser with a shaved ice truck. I'm not normally a shaved ice fan, but this was on the gourmet level. Soooo good.
I think everyone was pretty happy with their flavor choice, which pretty unanimously was "rainbow."

Sometimes the sky is just spectacular.

And then sometimes you have to leave the heat of the valley and go back to the coast.
 Lots of times when there is high heat in the valley, the coast is socked in with fog. Which suits us just fine!

Some cool new houses have been built near downtown Pismo. There is apparently one guy who didn't want to sell his property, and is staying right where he is.
We went through a carwash and it had multicolored soap. That was kind of cool.
And I remain convinced that the city of Pismo is telling me that I need to keep on sewing. I refuse to believe that this is merely a marker for the sewer location.
Our neighbors keep an eye on our house when we are away, so we treated them to teppanyaki, which is always a fun event.
Meanwhile, Aaron, Christa and the kids went to Legoland. It's a standing joke that Mark's favorite "ride" is the park bench. He was quite amused when they sent him a picture of this lego man sitting on the bench--just like Gramps.
I hope you will come back for the final installment--which should get us caught up.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Boy do I need to purge yet again. If only I could get Justin to go along with the idea. haha. He's a true pack rat. Isn't it fun to look back at the various crafts etc that we've done over the years? Your tole painting was very nice. You have a true creative spirit regardless of the medium. I don't know how you deal with those temp highs. It's been in the high 90's here and we're dying. Our AC is very limited. Hope you're having a good summer. I'm finally coming out on the other side of the wedding so we should talk soon.

Debbie said... #

Enjoyed your randomness this morning...and ya know, I don't think I've ever had yellow shoes!

Needled Mom said... #

I would have grabbed those reindeer too! Purging is always such a great feeling.
Yes....we have had the fog for so much of the summer. We had a nice warm week last week, but we are back to the fog. UGH!
The little ones look so cute with their treats. They sound delicious to me.

Susan said... #

We have those deer! We made two smaller ones because we're a family of four. They go out every Christmas, in various spots in the yard. One year, hubby temporarily put the adults in a compromising position, to my chagrin and chuckles of the neighbors.

Emma Charlotte said... #

Wow. All these decoration designs are awesome that have made the outdoor look more impressive. Thanks for sharing the idea.
Emma Charlotte |

OPQuilt said... #
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Cecilia said... #

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