Thursday, November 16, 2017


August--the end of summer, the start of school.
We went to see Nana and Papa.
Charlotte and I painted an old dresser with an updated ombre' effect and new hardware.
We spent some fun hours at Playland.

We celebrated Aaron's birthday with a tepanyaki dinner.

And although it seemed way too early, the kids started school. Levi is in fourth grade with two very good friends. How they have changed from this baseball picture.
Aaron asked for pictures of himself corresponding to the ages Charlotte, Levi and Gabe are at the beginning of this school year. See a resemblance?
Gabe: kindergarten, Levi: 4th grade, Charlotte: 6th grade

Donuts with grandparents--I can hardly believe Gabe and Ruby are in kindergarten already.
These four add a lot of spark to our lives.
Gabe, Amelia, Ella and Ruby

Ella will be in school next year, so we cherish the time alone with her.

Also, this was a totally random picture I found of myself, some time in high school. Weird.
We ended the month by celebrating Mark's birthday in Carmel, one of our favorite places in California.

The coast is the perfect climate for gorgeous flowers, even in August when everything in Fresno seems burned to a crisp.
We tried oysters for the first time--although they were grilled, not raw.
And although we have been to Carmel many, many times, we had never gone through the mission.

We also had not been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in a long time.

Jellyfish--my very favorite:


August was a good month.


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Robby said... #

Sometimes, life comes at you fast, it's good to take pictures and enjoy it as much as you can. Well done.