Saturday, December 30, 2017

November 2017 in Review

Welcome to November. This post will include the month with the exception of my Disneyland birthday celebration. Given that it was a milestone birthday, it merits its own post.

My father turned 90 this year, and my brother, Jeff, flew from Washington DC for the celebration. Dad started the day by celebrating at the local donut shop with friends he and my mother had made over the years.

Unfortunately he got sick later in the evening and spent the remainder of the weekend in the hospital. Not a fun way to usher in a new decade.

Later in the month, both Mom and Dad went to their favorite optometrist for an eye exam. You can always count on getting excellent care from Aaron.

Before we knew it, Thanksgiving Day was here. We always begin the day with a turkey trot that Aaron started several years ago--bring food items to replenish the food pantry at church and then choose to walk or run either two miles or a 5K. I got to push Ella's stroller this year. It will probably be the last year I push anyone in a stroller.

Aaron spends time mapping out the course, and adds little notes of encouragement close to the finish line.

We always celebrate Thanksgiving at Aaron and Christa's home. With my mother no longer being able to make the pies, Charlotte took over that responsibility, and they were delicious.
I can't say I'm pleased with how grown up she looks with her hair straightened, but I guess there is no stopping her. She is beautiful inside and out.
After a few tries, Gabe finally stopped making funny faces so I could get a cute picture of him with Ruby.
Later in the afternoon, Gabe had planned a concert. We each had tickets, and for those who didn't know their way around the new house, he had made maps.
Gabe and his backup musicians.
The concert attendees.
It was a fantastic day of fun, food and fellowship.

Two days later was my official birthday and we had a family celebration--takeout from our favorite Mexican restaurant, and donuts--so much better than a cake!

It was a nice afternoon, nice enough to spend time outside. Someone came up with the idea of playing football with "live" goalposts. Hmmm...

Waiting for the football to be kicked...
 It was great to have everyone together for the afternoon.
Kind of a funny side note. I had seen a t-shirt online and decided to order it and embrace turning 65. This is the t-shirt I ordered.
Imagine my dismay when this is the one that arrived. Um, what??
My hope is that the person who ordered the Colin Kaepernick actually received my "life begins at 65" shirt. Now that would be funny.

We had the grandkids Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving while their parents were enjoying the coast. It sounded fun to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around Old Town Clovis.
Waiting for the carriage to get here. You see that it was t-shirt weather at the end of November.
Gabe talked to Santa while waiting. I listened in, in case he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Turns out that what he really told him was that he didn't believe in Santa. He knew his parents were "Santa," and he was just pretending to believe for his little sister.

We ended the month by having the Micah Project interns over for dinner.
And Charlotte had her last Grandparents Day lunch at school, although since it was her last we took her off campus to the Habit.

We ended the day with a school concert. Levi is in the first row, second from the right, and Charlotte is in the third row, fourth from the left.


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OPQuilt said... #

Whew! what a day! I think I need a nap now after reading this post, but what a lovely day to have your family come over and celebrate (I'll probably just get a text message or something). I love seeing your grandchildren grow up, but I especially loved that the Pantry was significant enough to make it onto Gabe's map. He's a boy after my own heart. Happy Birthday, Again!!

Kathleen said... #

Oh wow, your mom looks so much like my mom in that first picture! And don't worry, Charlotte will embrace her natural hair as she gets older. My oldest daughter used to flatten her hair when it was long. Now in her 30s, she wears it shorter and the natural wave/curl is back!

SarahZ said... #

See? I am catching up! I cannot believe how much great family time you get!! It makes me feel so far away from so much of mine! The tee shirt cracked me up!!