Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Finish: Svenimento

I made an interesting discovery. I was going through my blog posts from 2017 in anticipation of printing them into a hardcover book as I do each year.

One of the first posts from January 2017 was about Supernova Starburst, a quilt I took along to the coast when we were there with the family so Aaron could photograph it. He also photographed Svenimento, and in my blog post I stated that I would show that quilt the next week.
Turns out, all of 2017 has come and gone. And there has been no mention or Svenimento, along with several other quilts that have not been documented here. Hmmm...
photobombed by Jason and Charlotte
Your may be curious about the name, since it is obviously the Swoon pattern by Thimbleblossoms. Using an English-Italian translator, Svenimento was what popped up. I'm not sure if there is a literal translation of the word "swoon" in Italian, but I like the sound of svenimento. 
In 2006, Mark and I went on a Mediterranean quilting cruise. I came back from that cruise with two pieces of fabric, both purchased in a tiny shop in Sicily, just a meter of each because at that time the cost was $25/meter.
Oh, how I loved the fabric with the blues and greens, accented with black. Maybe it reminded me of the water. It sat in a drawer for years while I tried to come up with a worthy project. When the Swoon blocks began popping up on the internet, I knew I had found the project.

I decided that the center of each block would consistently be that beautiful Sicilian fabric, and I started pulling other fabrics from my stash. 

I don't remember when I actually started making these blocks, but then they sat in a pile until finally I decided it was time to turn them into a quilt. 
I know there are some other pictures of this quilt somewhere in the disaster that is my digital photos, another project for 2018. If and when I find them, I will update this post. 

This fabric still makes me swoon, and brings back such happy memories. 

Quilt: Svenimento
Size: 80" x 80"
Pattern by: Thimbleblossoms
Made by: Me:
Quilted by: Darby Myers

I'm linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts, TGIFF and Confessions of a Fabric Addict Addict. Have a lovely weekend. 


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Jayne said... #

It's a gorgeous quilt! The colors are amazing! I love the idea of making a hardcover book with all your quilts each year!

Robby said... #

Well, Svenimento is bellissima for sure. I love how you managed to highlight that lovely memento fabric in each block. This was worth the wait. Of course, now I'm eager to see what else you've been holding out on us. ;-)

Gunstones said... #

That was a great cruise. Glad you shared this fabric treasure and memory!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

How very appropriate to have photographed this beauty at the beach after getting fabric while on a cruise. It was the perfect pattern to showcase that special fabric. I have that dilemma all the time . . . a hoarded fabric and I can't decide what to make with it. Trying to get past some of that feeling(hoarding) this year by using and making.

Alison V. said... #

This is so beautiful! I really love that quilting motif!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Blues & Swoon - a couple of my favorites! Beautiful.

Ramona said... #

Such a beautiful quilt. It just pops on the beach! I love the quilting design, too. Do you know the name?

CyndyK said... #

Very nice. I love large block quilts.

Barb Neiwert said... #

That a gorgeous quilt - very worthy of a finish! I'm curious as to what you thought of the quilting cruise? I see them advertised from time to time, and have been intrigued.

Lynette said... #

Your Sicilian fabric is so pretty in this quilt - I love how the pairings with different fabrics for the different Swoon blocks makes it look subtly different in each one. How fun to have gone on a quilting cruise with your hubby! I think I'll look into that for Scott and I in a couple years.

Vera said... #

It would be pity not to show this quilt! It's pretty! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF ;)

The Joyful Quilter said... #

The old "I'll share it tomorrow/next week"... Oops!! It's been a year. LOL You did that $25/meter fabric justice with this pattern. Nice work!!

OPQuilt said... #

Terrific quilt--so often we buy fabrics overseas and then never do anything with them (cough)--you win the prize for finishing a quilt! That block is actually a traditional block, supersized, so good for you for using it to make this very beautiful quilt. I love it--the colors are perfect! Glad we got to see a picture of this.

Kathleen said... #
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