Thursday, January 11, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 1/11/18

Oceano Dunes, part two.

Friday morning was spent digging in the sand.
Or reading.
Mark and I took a long walk on the beach.
You can tell the kids are growing up--next they spent a couple of hours in wetsuits. How have they grown up so quickly to this point??

The only way you can get this group to take a serious picture is to promise they can pose for a goofy picture next.

Ella wasn't keen on going into the water. But that's okay--we were content to watch from a distance.
Group pictures.

Around dinnertime, we built a fire.
The next morning, like nearly every other morning, the kids came up the stairs to our studio apartment and jumped on the bed. Really, I think one of the main reasons is so they can get a little extra screen time. But we're not complaining.
They played in the sand a little more before we were completely packed up. This series of pictures of Gabe is one of my favorites from the entire weekend. I'd love to know what was going through his head.

It is always fun to see what the kids write in the guest book.

We had lunch at Brooks Burgers in Pismo.
Aaron, Christa and the kids headed home. Mark and I headed to the Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo for another couple of days.

First it was foggy.
Then sunny.
The clouds in this picture are fascinating.
Too soon it was time to go home.
It rained off and on. We saw the beginning and end of a rainbow at the same time.

And meantime, my brother, Jeff, and his daughter, Elizabeth, were duck hunting in Nebraska. I just had to add these pictures.
Looking forward to Oceano Dunes in 2019.


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SarahZ said... #

These are such great photos! Such great family times you all have! I love the contrast of the beach pics and the duck hunting pics....I wonder if, while waiting for the birds, they wished they were at the beach, too!!!

Robby said... #

Great memories in the making here. That series of Gabe is wonderful.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Yeah for you being unplugged and enjoying family. I always like seeing your beach vacation. So many great memories are being made every year. Those photos of Gabe are extra special. You have captured some amazing images of the whole trip. Thanks for sharing.

Debra B. said... #

I went to high school in Arroyo Grande and my sister has a home there. I moved to Nebraska in 1979. I try to visit my sister at least once a year and go to my favorite beach in Shell Beach right next to Pismo. Reading your posts about Oceano and family hunting ducks in Nebraska is uncanny as I live in Nebraska. Overlapping lives, it’s uncanny.