Thursday, January 18, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 1/18/18

It's been an interesting week, most of which I don't care to repeat.
After years of the endocrinologist following some nodules in my thyroid, and with me worrying about the nodules getting larger and larger, and what that might represent, the decision was made to remove the whole thing. In the course of evaluation, it was determined that I also had an overactive parathyroid gland (we have four parathyroid glands, something I didn't know), and it was imperative that the wonky gland be removed for sure.

So here I am last Friday at around noon, underneath a nice comfy warming blanket, prior to a three-hour surgery.
The only thing I had to bring to the hospital was my insurance card and photo ID. I took them in this special pouch made by Heidi, which she had sent me earlier in the year during that difficult time when my parents were moving from their home to assisted living, along with this sweet note. It seemed appropriate for my surgery as well.
I was able to go home early evening on Friday, and Mark has taken most excellent care of me.

These flowers were on our front porch when we arrived home, a gift from friends, Rene' and Michelle. Nearly a week later and they are still just as beautiful!
Mark has been doing the cooking--nothing unusual for him as he does most of it anyway. And I have spent most of the week under a special quilt from a few years ago, when Carla and I did a block exchange where we made two sets of blocks each, one to send the other and one to keep for ourselves. It's been so fun to look at all the fabrics--lots of good memories.
In the morning, before I had to go to the hospital, Mark attended Levi's award ceremony. Charlotte's was the day before, and we weren't able to attend that one--Mark was working and I was doing pre-op stuff, but she got some high honors as well. So proud of them both.
I've watched a lot of TV, some sports, some Netflix bingeing. I think Atlanta has the right idea when it comes to the key on their basketball floor.
Christa brought the grandkids over the day after surgery, along with a plate of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies made by Charlotte, and some very sweet get-well cards. Gabe's was particularly intriguing for a couple of reasons. The way he wrote the word "love" is very creative.
I think it would be really cute embroidered on a piece of white fabric and then surrounded with a patchwork border using some of these fabrics.
Also, he dots the "i" in his name with his age, a cute idea but one that I will definitely not be copying for myself.
This arrived in the mail from my sweet friend, Mary. We've become good texting buddies over the last year, and this was an unexpected treat.

This seems like a good spot to tell you some jokes. I had no idea that head and neck jokes were even a "thing."  The first is courtesy of our son, Aaron.

Why don't you ever go bowling with your thyroid?
Because they only throw goiter balls.

And this is from my friend, Janice.

How do you kill the circus?
Go for the juggler.

Since I've been lying around and spending hours scrolling through Instagram not doing anything too strenuous, I noticed that Windham Fabrics was offering a prize if you posted a picture on Instagram of something you had made with their fabrics. My Pattern Play quilt came to mind immediately, so on a whim, I posted a picture. Imagine my surprise when the quilt (lower left corner) was chosen for Honorable Mention--and some kind of prize is on its way!
About a year ago, I signed up for some online classes from Emily Quinton of Makelight. It's a beautiful site with lots of help on photography, social media engagement, etc. They have developed a tool that will show the most common colors from the pictures you have posted on Instagram over the year, along with some other interesting insights.
Based on all the posts from 2017, these were the main colors in my pictures, based on my most popular images.

I pay a monthly fee so this year I plan to concentrate on making the most of what the site has to offer.

In April, I'll be teaching My Swedish Ex at Authorized Vac and Sew.
I stopped by last week and they also had a little vignette with the bonus quilt from my Spool Play pattern. If you are in the Fresno area, I'd love to have you in my class.

I've been good about following doctor's orders and taking my medications. Just so you know...


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stitchinpenny said... #

Hope you feel better soon and that the surgery is successful for both your body and your mind.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

So glad it all went well and that you've had time to relax. Take care of yourself dear friend.

Amy said... #

Enjoy scrolling, I mean recuperating! Sending warm thoughts of healing!

Rita Lynn said... #

It is good you are taking time to heal. Thank you for all your quilting inspiration.

Robby said... #

Even while recovering you can make me laugh out loud! I knew your Year of Color image would be well, colorful. It does seem to have a shortage of orange though. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

So sorry you had to have thyroid surgery. It's no fun. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery. So nice to have a caring/loving family close by to keep your spirits up. And the quilting friends that have given you much happiness over the years also come through with lots of love.

lindaroo said... #

Let everyone keep on taking good care of you, and have a speedy recovery! I think Gabe's LOVE symbol could be your next tattoo.

SarahZ said... #

So glad everything has turned out okay, Cindy! Every single post I am so impressed at how thoughtful your family is! It is so very precious! I'm not saying it surprises are at the heart of it! I hope you enjoy a restful recuperation! (and excited to see that the weee mini made it into your collage!!!)xoxo!

Anne said... #

Oh my, you are the happiest pre-op patient I have ever see. Best wishes for smooth sailing during your recuperation!