Thursday, May 10, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 5/10/18

I need to make a note to do this every week--it's so much easier to remember what has happened than when I put it off for longer than a week!

Putting together a race track.
Mark is continuing to add interesting details to the MCC thrift store that is set for a soft opening on May 21.

Saturday was the end of baseball/T ball season. Levi and Gabe played practically simultaneously. Fortunately their fields were fairly close together.

Levi ended his season achieving his goals: pitching, hitting at least a double, and playing third base. It's been fun to watch his remarkable improvement over the years.
Gabe finished his first year of T ball. And ended the game playing catcher.

He says he will play again next year--as long as there are snacks, a tunnel to run through and lots of high fives.
My Flower Bubbles quilt top is sewn together, with thanks for the name suggestion from my friend, Robby!
I'm going to quilt it myself. My plan is to use 12 wt thread on my Juki machine. Finger crossed that the plan in my brain actually works out.
A recurring dream of mine has been to photograph my quilts with classic vehicles, and then maybe print a calendar called Quilts and Classics. Mark said in order to achieve that goal, I needed to start going to car shows. So Sunday there was a car show very close to us. There were some beauties there! I approached the car owners, and without hesitation each of them were happy to give me contact information when I told them of my plan.

Now I just have to coordinate the quilts with the right vehicles.

Janice and I went to the Bay Area on Tuesday because she needed some fabric to complete her fabulous La Passacaglia quilt, which will be part of a quilt show in August. What a fun day we had. First we went to Bay Quilts, where she auditioned fabric for the border.
A bird's eye view from the loft in the store--it was very helpful in determining which fabric looked the best.
We also stopped at Stone Mountain, which was a great store! And I might have made a purchase or two there.
Finally, we stopped at Lacis, which was a museum of fine lace and all kinds of lace-making and hand sewing items, along with vintage dresses.

And then we headed home.
Yesterday I stopped to buy some strawberries. Seriously, palm-sized.
Or for another point of reference, an extra large egg.
Sometimes when we get strawberries this size, they are pulpy and without flavor. However, these are so sweet and juicy.

I have been experimenting with iPhone photography. This was taken using a macro lens. Can you tell what it is?
I'll give you a hint. It's a close-up of Ella's glittery jelly sandal.

And I'll leave you with this question. Do you ever feel like this?


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Needled Mom said... #

I love Gabe's reasons for returning next year! lol

Your vintage car/quilt idea is just fabulous. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Your trip to "the city" sounds like fun, but man that traffic does not look like fun.

The strawberries have been so good this year. The big ones are red all the way through. Maybe it was our late cold.

Robby said... #

I think Gabe has that sports thing figured out, at least for his age for sure! I love your calendar idea, and admire you for asking the car enthusiasts about your plan. I might have chickened out on that, but when you have a great plan and passion that seems to be understood by folks who have other craftsman skills and passion. And now I know where all the good strawberries are being hoarded, ours have been awful this year. More like styrofoam than tasty berries.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love your cars and quilts idea. Good luck with that.