Thursday, May 3, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 5/3/18

Last weekend I was at an annual quilting retreat at my friend Dotty's cabin, just outside Yosemite. There is absolutely no cell phone reception, unless you walk to the far end of the road. Consequently, we were all able to accomplish a lot since there was no time wasted scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Amazing how that works.

Maggie was unable to come this year because of some unexpected oral surgery and we sure did miss her. But she had to drop something off before we left so we were able to get a picture of all five, with the added bonus of Dotty's new great grandson, Klark.
Ruth, me, Vicki, Dotty (with Klark), Maggie

This was what my odometer said right before I pulled into Dotty's driveway. Yikes! Thankfully it turned over to 66,667 just in time.
I made a couple of random blocks. 

This one went into a quilt that Dotty put together for the quilt auction.
And this is an experimental block for a new quilt I want to work on. I had a stack of the latest new Kona colors and after trying several different combinations, I realized this block needs colors of equal intensity. You will be seeing more color combinations soon!
Vicki made THE absolutely cutest Raggedy Ann I have ever seen. The embroidered face, the pink hair, the black and white striped stockings, the purple shoes--SO adorable! I think she nearly quit a couple of times with the hair--it took nearly 1 1/2 days to sew, but wow, is it ever cute!
I finished putting together this Birds in the Hood quilt top, a pattern designed originally by Elizabeth Hartman, called Neighborhood, from her second book,  Modern Patchwork. Her blocks measured 11" x 15", and the birds in each birdhouse finished at only 3". However...I wanted to use blocks received from a block exchange from probably 10 years ago, and they each finished at 8". Math was involved, never an easy thing for me, especially as there was that angled roof. And I started this six years ago so I didn't understand all my notes. Does that ever happen to you?? My blocks ended up measuring 19" x 28". The good thing was that I was able to turn ten 8" blocks into a 72" square quilt! I can hardly wait to see it quilted.
We always hang our projects over the stair railing.
Busy at work...

What a wonderful time--friends, food, fellowship and fabric.

I have mentioned Mennonite Central Committee many times in this blog, the charitable organization with proceeds going to Third World relief. They are starting a thrift store close to us, and Mark has been working nearly every morning getting it set up.
First he helped locate the property, then he supervised all the changes to the inside of the building, and now he is working on the decorating aspect. The manager has some really great ideas--she wants an Anthropologie feel to the store and it will be unlike any other thrift store in the central valley. And again, the proceeds will go to Third World relief.

They were able to find some really cool old barn wood, so Mark has been spending his mornings sawing and nailing. So now one of the first walls you see when you walk in looks like this. I love the green wood, the rusty bars and the boards that have text on them.

And he most often looks like this. It's a filthy job.
The other day he was building something to surround an old black pole.

I'm not quite sure what Ilone, the manager, plans to do with this, but I'm sure it will be cool.
I think this green desk will hold the cash register. The branch will be attached to the ceiling by one of the windows and those flowers (made from dyed newsprint) will be hanging in front of the window.
A random cute picture.
I'll end with something I saw on Instagram--I've often wondered about many of these things myself...


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Needled Mom said... #

It looks like a fun time was had by all. Your bird neighborhood looks great, and yes, the Raggedy Ann is adorable.

The thrift shop is going to look incredible. It should do really well too. It sounds like a fun project for Mark too.

Susan said... #

Love those blocks! And how clever is that analysis of English...too true! No wonder it is so hard to learn!

Robby said... #

Old notes? No longer intelligible? Me? (cough) Never! And every stinking time I'm just so sure I'll know what I meant when I make the notes. (sigh)

What a cool thrift store! And for such good work, too. Sending thoughts and prayers for the safe completion and a thriving trade there.