Saturday, November 3, 2018


While Aaron was doing a medical mission trip in Guatemala in August, he came across some fruit from our local central valley.

Gabe started to lose his front teeth.
Aaron, Christa and the kids went to Reedley. They found Nana's temporary marker.

And spent some time with Papa.
Mark and I headed to Pismo for a few days. I did some hand sewing and Mark brushed up on football rules for his season of refereeing.
I seem to take an endless amount of ocean/sunset pictures each time we go there. I'll only post two this time.

It was Donuts with Grandparents day at Eaton Elementary school, where Ella is in pre-K and Gabe is in first grade.

Ella and I had a zoo date.
Levi and I had a date.He wanted to go to In-n-Out Burger and we tried fries, animal style--grilled onions, Thousand Island dressing. They were pretty yummy.
Soccer season began, and this year we have three soccer players, as Ella and Gabe are both playing.

We went to Carmel for our annual visit with good friends, Russ and Ingrid, who live in Calgary.

I find this to be true when a grandchild has my phone. When things are quiet, it could be because they are sending me some freaky picture.
Case in point.
I usually try to end a random post with some funny quote I have found somewhere. But it's hard to beat that picture of Charlotte. Ha.