Thursday, January 10, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 1/10/19

We started out the new year by going back to the beach house at Oceano Dunes on the central coast. Hard to believe--this is our fifth year in a row. We go over on Wednesday and get settled in. There is still plenty of time to play in the sand.
Jason, Jill, Ruby and Amelia (who stay in their beach house nearby) spend their time with us, other than at night. Meal time and game time is always fun, even though Jason looks very serious.
I brought along some Tubby Wubby kits for the kids to work on. So far, the boys seem to enjoy making them the most.
Thursday was a beautiful day. Mark made breakfast, with a couple of helpers.

After breakfast, it was time for more play in the sand and heading to the water.


Reading and chatting on the deck. It's great having the Isaacs join us too.
 A few minutes alone as I soak it all in.

Boys at sunset.

We always go into San Luis Obispo on Thursday for dinner, with a stop at the candy store for salt water taffy.
Friday was another gorgeous day. Every morning, the kids come up to our room at 7 a.m. and wake us up (and spend some time on devices before it's time for breakfast).

Christa did some yoga.
Aaron listened to a podcast after running on the beach.
Levi and Jeremy digging their way to the other side of the world.

We photographed my hexagon quilt.

I took a couple of pictures with the macro lens on my phone.

The younger kids played in the water. I loved the pictures of the girls with reflections.
Aaron and Jason (Isaac) rented boogie boards and wet suits. Isn't how cool how they ended up in color order?

Mark made a fire before dinner.
When the lines blur between friends and family.

The little kids always want to play hide and seek. This was the oddest hiding place, and also grossly dirty.
Mark and Christa making breakfast on our last morning.
It started getting stormy on Saturday morning. The waves were fierce and the mist on top of the waves was fascinating.
But yet, someone was fishing.
We make the best memories here.

After everyone else headed back to Fresno, Mark and I spent the next couple days at our favorite hotel in Pismo Beach, the Kon Tiki. It was mostly cold and rainy, as well as very windy. but we had a great time. I always try to take the most perfect picture of the waves. And always always as soon as I give up, the waves are huge and beautiful.
We met my good friend, Jullie, for lunch.
Our last sunset, and on Tuesday morning it was time to head home.
Today, I parked next to this car. Quilting decal twins.
After school date with Gabe and Ella.

Funny conversation with Gabe on the way home:
Gabe: Grandma, did you ride a horse and carriage to school when you were my age?
Me: Um, no!
Gabe: Hmmmm. I guess you're not as old as I thought...

It's been quite a week. Hope yours has been a good one.


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Val's Quilting Studio said... #

such good memories made!!! Going to look up the TUbby WUbby kits....and ugh...your quilt is beautiful!!! I love it!!

lkhomework said... #

Looks like a wonderful time with family. And warm enough for bare feet?!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Looks like another lovely time at the beach. Love that comment about not being as old as he thought you were . . . it makes me laugh.

Robby said... #

I love the way your family invests itself in making memories with time together and the all important silliness, too. The age conversation cracked me up. I remember when my early childhood baby-sitter passed on a few years ago I was stunned to discover she was less than 10 years older than my parents. She was sort of my de facto grandmother since mine were far away and I had no concept as a child of how old "old" was.