Thursday, April 18, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 4/18/19

Last Friday morning was school open house for Ella and Gabe. Ella's room was really cool--the teachers had spent a lot of time showcasing all the student work.

The kids study famous artists and then do their own interpretation. We were really impressed with Ella's pre-kindergarten classroom. One of these is her interpretation of something by Kandinsky--I think it is the one just above and to the right of her head.
This section of the classroom had black lights so the paintings by the kids were really cool.

Self portrait:

In Gabe's first grade class, they had to make their version of this piece by Matisse and then give it a name.

He also had to write about "long ago" and "now." Quite interesting:

And he built a robot, Kevin.
Saturday was the quilt auction for third world relief. I only went for part of the day. I still don't have a lot of energy to be around crowds of people. But it was fun chatting with Tanya while she knit some socks--and gave me some excellent instruction as well.

I didn't make a quilt for donation this year. However, my friend, Barb, made an opportunity quilt (for every $1 ticket you had a chance to win) using the my "My Swedish Ex" pattern. That was fun.  This isn't Barb--this is the person selling the tickets and she was a good sales person!
A couple of weeks ago, Mark was working at the thrift store. He had built a sign for the donation drop-off location, which included a doorbell. The bell rang. He went out back. And the person dropping things off recognized him--because she reads this blog. So if you are that kind person who chatted with him, please leave a comment. And I'd LOVE to meet you one of these days!
Speaking of the thrift store, the manager, Ilone, makes the most inventive decorations, and changes them regularly. Isn't this cool?!
A few months ago, while Mark was working on the renovations at the thrift store, which included lots of cool barn wood walls, I saw this on Instagram, and asked if he could recreate this in our laundry room--on the two walls of the pantry.
He had access to a pile of barn wood. I went along with him the other day to stock up.Don't you love that green paint on some of the boards?

And so it begins:
And done:
Ella's first comment when she saw it: "What HAPPENED in here??" She likes it, though. Whew!

I'm so happy with it. I've decided against painting the door kelly green--our laundry room is quite small. And I think the touches of green on some of the boards are just the perfect pop of color.

We ran a DNA test on my father, using a different company than the one I used. My results were surprising in that there was a high percentage of British. It was a mystery. But check this out:
So the mystery remains...

I've been making a lot of selvage pincushions. So much fun. (Expect to see an extensive post one of these days.)  I had made one for my friend, Lauren, and stuffed it with unscented kitty litter rather than crushed walnut shells. Lauren says she is happy with it so far. She sent me this picture of its daily use. Thanks, Lauren. :)
This is just a sneak peek of something to come...
And something that Mark sent me. Hmmm.


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Needled Mom said... #

It looks like the children have great classes with lots of creativity stimulation. The floor sweeping robot sounds great to me.

LOVE the bar wood laundry room. I think you need the green door.

You always have such cute endings to your blog posts. That sign is fabulous.

Needled Mom said... #

* meant “barn” wood, but bar wood might be interesting too. lol

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I always get a good chuckle reading your Thursday posts. First of all was the memories of saving some of my kids early writing. It's so sweet to see what they were thinking and even the spelling in those early years. Next, seeing the lovely Swedish X your friend made is reminding me I want to make one too. And lastly the lol moment of the sign. Hope your energy is returning more and more each day.

Robby said... #

I can't imagine where Ella and Gabe got encouragement to become such wonderful and creative artists? Gabe's vocabulary (and most of his spelling) are quite impressive for a first graders.

I'd definitely say you "helped" make a quilt for the quilt auction by creating your pattern. She did a nice job on it, too.

Bekah said... #

It was me who recognized your husband! I don't remember how I found your blog, but my husband and I know Christa's brother Aaron and his wife from our Fresno Pacific days. I so enjoy reading about your projects and your life. I was sad to hear about your cancer diagnosis. About 3 years ago I had breast cancer diagnosis of DCIS. It was nice to meet your husband and I would love to meet you! Maybe sometime this summer when I am off from school (I am a teacher) we can meet for coffee! :) Thanks for sharing your adventures and life with us. It brings a smile to my face!

OPQuilt said... #

Love that last phrase--maybe I love it TOO well?
I really enjoyed this post and hope that your Swedish X quilt knock-off made tons of money in the auction--it's very cute. And fun that Mark likes to do things like make wood walls for you (now I know where the hat picture is going).

But best of all is that Long Ago we couldn't text line, and all the photos of your grandkids' creativity at school. You must be a proud grandma!!