Thursday, April 4, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 4/4/19

Oh hey, April.

Me. Nearly all the time.
I often wonder if I will ever get to the point of doing any posts other than "really random"...

I guess you will just have to keep checking in to find out. :)

It was a good week for appropriate quotes. Seen at our local hardware store. Makes me wonder why it was posted to the office door.
Last week Levi turned 11. This kid--kind, affectionate, funny, smart. We love spending time with him. He had a birthday party with his friends on Sunday, but on Saturday Mark and I went to his baseball game and then took him out to lunch.

It's fun to see "Wiens" on the back of his jersey.
Seriously, this is the BEST photo I have taken in a really long time. And then the umpire called him out. What???

When he was younger, maybe 3 or so, we thought he might become a vegetarian. He loved nearly any and all vegetables. Now he just likes to pile them on his burger. Open wide...

Tuesday he used his free cookie coupon from Barnes and Noble.
Saturday afternoon, Charlotte had a piano recital. My mother, who taught piano for over 50 years, would be so proud of her. In the last month, she has gotten a "superior" rating at Piano Celebration and rated very high on her certificate of merit program. So proud of this girl.

After being really good about not purchasing fabric since the beginning of the year, I might have had a little relapse. Definitely me...

Do you have an introverts in your life? This is the truth.
My friend, Janice, found a subscription box called the introverts retreat box--each box has a lot of fun things to be enjoyed at home--books, coffee, tea, candles, etc.

Also me...
Definitely me.
On Monday, Janice and I dropped quilts off for an upcoming show this weekend. On the way home, we stopped at the outlets and parked right next to a truck from Minnesota. From southern Minnesota, to be more exact, about 40 miles from where Mark grew up. This Ford dealership motto pretty much describes the people from Minnesota.
One of the big reasons I love living in California this time of year--flowers are in bloom everywhere!!

Are flowers blooming where you live? Till next week...


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Robby said... #

We're not even talking about the fabric meme. ;- )

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I love your Random posts and am impressed you're sticking with them every week. I can't even manage one post a month. Uggg. We only beginning to see real signs of spring with a few flowers here and there. We'll probably even have another snow as April is supposed to be the second snowiest month! I'm more than ready for spring green and spring color. Like you, I relate very much to all the introvert quotes you share. Just happy being in my studio by myself. If only I got more done......

Charlotte M. said... #

I am in San Diego and yes, flowers blooming everywhere. I too love your random posts and will always check in with you. It take awhile to get back to posting. I think it took me 6 months after my treatment was finished and even then it was sporadic at best for awhile. I love seeing pics of the grand kids. They are all growing up so fast.

OPQuilt said... #

That fabric meme made me laugh out loud--so funny--or not, considering I took a look at an online retailer this morning, and now a bag of fabric is headed my way. Just refreshing the stash, I say. Fun to see your family's doings, and glad to see all is well as can be, with all that activity.

Dropping quilts off? What show? Do tell!

Carla said... #

Love these posts, Cindy! I’m an extrovert and don’t like to be handed the phone sometimes!!

Jeannine said... #

I just ordered some fabric that I don't need, but really, really like AND it was a sale! Where did you get that mug with the saying "let me overthink on that"? I love it as that is who I am. It's a gift and a curse. I am an introvert and it's taken me a long time to come to the point and know that "I am not broken, I don't need to be fixed". Susan Cain's book: "Quiet" really made all the difference.