Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Club Members

Six months ago, a young man in our church, Kyle, and I became members of a new "club"--one that neither of us would ever have wanted to join. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Kyle was diagnosed with brain cancer. Oh my, such a devastating diagnosis for a senior in high school, just at the brink of so many new and exciting things in his life.
At that point, I doubt that I was ever on Kyle's radar. Other than being friends with his parents, why would I be? He was the lead drum major of a local high school band and active at church as well. Nearly overnight, he was in ICU, undergoing shunt placement, and getting ready to begin radiation treatments. He began radiation in January, the same month I began my treatments. I was only scheduled for 16 treatments, a walk in the park compared to Kyle--he was scheduled for 32.

Kyle's last day of radiation was February 12, mine was February 19.

Somewhere around this time, once I was feeling like I could begin sewing again, I knew that I needed to make a quilt for Kyle. He needed a quilt--and I needed the therapy of focusing on someone else. Win-win. I didn't spend too much time overthinking what a high school senior boy would think about receiving a quilt from a 66-year-old.
The Cabin Quilt pattern by Karen Lee (@quiltaposy) seemed like the perfect choice. I went through my stash and chose fabric from Carolyn Friedlander's Doe line, along with some charcoal fabric (side note: I'm not sure who the manufacturer of the solid fabric is--I know it's not Kona--but wow, did it ever ravel!!)
I was able to make the quilt top in a day when I was at quilt camp at Hartland in April. I decided on a wide back Grunge for the backing and then it was beautifully quilted by Darby Myers.
 My favorite block--because it looks so cool against the barnwood and green paint.

Yesterday, I took it over to Kyle. He was gracious and charming. I think he likes it. He called me his "cancer buddy." We are optimistic about his future. He's regaining his energy, attended his senior prom and is graduating next week. I'm praying for good news on his repeat MRI scan next month. Although our paths are very different, we will be forever bonded in this journey.


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Melody A. said... #

what a wonderful gift for both of you to get! Often making these special presents give us as much or more than the person receiving it. We can pray for them and make wishes for them and send all kinds of blessings for them with it. Perfect! take care from Iowa

kelly lautenbach said... #

You’re awesome. Praying for you and Kyle.

beth s said... #

What a great way to give and work through your own struggles with cancer. Thank you for inspiring us.

Robby said... #

Although your cancers are different, I think seeing you bounce back is likely quite encouraging to Kyle. I think your quilt also symbolizes hope for both your futures, and that there will be a future. Enough future to make investing the time in that quilt. Here's to good health and wonderful adventures for you and Kyle.

Susan said... #

I know your thoughtfulness and the quilt itself will bring Kyle great comfort. It's beautiful, as are you!

Rabidaggie said... #

your love quilt for him now surrounds him in good times and in hurting times. Every time he thinks "I can't do this anymore" he feels your quilt against him and it strengthens him. Prayers for both of you on your journey.

Ginger Marien said... #

Such a beautiful story, and I pray for a great recovery journey for both of you.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

What a touching story. My best wishes for both of you. A lovely gift to give made extra special by the unfortunate bond you share.

Deb Cox said... #

I find it amazing how you and that lovely young man have found each other in this crazy world. The human heart is such a fragile little thing and we continue to "pay it forward" with our love. thanks for a lovely post Cindy. As always.

OPQuilt said... #

So glad you were able to reach out in love, empathy and with a quilt! It's a very cool quilt, and I'm sure he'll treasure it forever. Good work, Cindy, good work!

Quilting Jeannie said... #

Beautiful quilt that you made. I love the fabrics and the colors, and the simplicity of a modern quilt pattern. My husband is also in your club. He is awaiting the results of his latest PET scan, fingers crossed. When I sit with him during his chemo and radiation treatments, I work on hand quilting baby quilts. How thoughtful of you to share your talents with someone in your club. That's inspirational.

Charlotte M. said... #

I have done many quilts like this. It always brings me such a high to gift them. The recipients are always thrilled to get them too. There's love in every stitch.

French 75 said... #

That is a touching story. Often, our paths cross with others for very special reasons. I think you and Kyle have that reason. I'm sure he will treasure his quilt and cherish your shared path.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

So special in so many ways. Your generosity and concern are written all over that quilt. Hopefully he will get promising results.

liz said... #

What a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing Best of luck to both of you beautiful people. <3

Amy Friend said... #

That's awesome Cindy. I sure hope that his MRI is clear.

Anonymous said... #
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Jenny said... #
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Jacqui's Quilts said... #
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Jacqui's Quilts said... #
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