Thursday, May 2, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 5/2/19

I'm not sure about you, but at the beginning of every month this year, I'm shocked that it's the beginning of yet another month! The year is 1/3 done already.

I spent last week, Wednesday through Sunday, at a quilting retreat at Hartland Camp, in the heart of the Sierras. Years ago, two of my uncles were instrumental in starting this camp, and I attended summer camp a couple of times myself--we lived in Phoenix at the time so it was not easy to get to.

It's a beautiful campground, and the staff bends over backwards to not only accommodate us, but provide absolutely fabulous home-cooked meals and snacks. Because there were nearly 100 women attending, we were spread out in five different spots on the campgrounds. Janice and I were in Sequoia Chapel. I came back early after dinner one night and no one was in the chapel yet, so here is a good picture of it. It also housed the store, actually a small version of the Mennonite Quilt Center.
The weather was perfect and I tried to take frequent walking breaks.
My cousin, Cathy, was at the table next to Janice and me.
She and her husband, Terry, are rehabbing the cabin built many years ago by her father (my uncle). I'm excited about that. Right now the first order of business is a new foundation.

I feel like I accomplished a lot. Of course I always bring along at least twice as many projects as I could possibly get to (but I'm leaving for another retreat this morning so here's hoping more gets accomplished).

I was able to complete this quilt top.
I also began working on basket blocks, for a  basket block sampler quilt I've been wanting to make for at least ten years. My favorite so far...
Janice was the featured teacher, and also presented a trunk show on Saturday night. While I have seen quite a few of her quilts, there were many that I had not seen in person before. She did a great job.
There was a show-and-tell afterwards, and this was one of my favorites--based on a vintage quilt. I love this pattern. On closer inspection, it is really just four-patch blocks and half-square triangles. But doesn't it make a stunning two-color quilt?
Yes, of course we signed up for the spring retreat next April. :)

Mark and I saw the Google Maps car on the way to see my father in Reedley the other day.
Roses in our backyard.
A beautiful sunset the other night.
Yes, I sent this to our son, the optometrist.
Hope your weekend is a good one.


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Charlotte M. said... #

I love your random lists each week. Sounds like you are really getting back into the swing of things. Have a great weekend.

Robby said... #

What a special place for you to go to a retreat with such a long history in your life. Back-to-back retreats, that's either heaven or exhausting... or heavenly exhausting. Wishing you another lovely retreat with a perfect balance of sewing and other activities that energize you.

Susan said... #

I think all I'd want to do IS walk in that beautiful landscape! It looks idyllic! And the cabin is going to be so cute and a wonderful project to work on.

Needled Mom said... #

What a gorgeous spot for a retreat! I'll bet you had a blast there. That red and white quilt is gorgeous. Someday..... We passed a google maps car the other day too. That would be a fun job.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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