Thursday, June 27, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 6/27/19

School is out for the summer, so the grandkids were over all day two weeks ago.

In the morning, Charlotte and Ella made slime. They declared the Nickolodeon kit less than ideal. Even though they are slime experts, they were not able to get it beyond the runny stage.
Meanwhile, Levi helped Gramps stake up the tomato plants.

After lunch, we pulled out the slip-n-slide, which we bought at the end of the season last year and never took out of the box.

It was a big hit.

I got some great videos of Levi but not many still shots, if you can call these "still." :)

I got some better ones of Gabe, probably because he insisted I use "burst" mode so I had plenty of pictures to choose from.

 Notice the "slide area" sign on the fence. :)
On Saturday, Charlotte, Levi, Gabe and I went to the one-year anniversary of the thrift store that Mark spent so much time working on last year. It's hard to believe the store has been open for a year! The manager always has creative displays when you walk in the door.
On Father's Day we headed up to Lakeview Cottages for the afternoon. As we get close, we cross a bridge. We stopped to take pictures because there was so much water!--in the drought years it has been a trickle. Not this year!

It was a beautiful day at Huntington Lake.
I took pictures of my English paper piecing project. Quite a few pictures...

The following Tuesday, we went to San Francisco to see Hamilton.

Our hotel was right off Union Square, so we spent a couple of hours walking around. We went to Britex Fabrics, an iconic fabric store in San Francisco. Mind boggling actually. I was there to buy tie interlining. Yes, I'm going to try to sew a tie! Of course I had to ask for help, and they kindly walked me to that one bolt of tie interlining. I would never have found it on my own!

The Apple store was super cool. It was a beautiful afternoon so they opened up the whole front of the store so it was completely open-air. I've never seen anything like it!
Hamilton is an amazing production! While it doesn't displace Lion King and Wicked as my favorites, I'm really glad to have finally seen it.
The Orpheum Theater is really beautiful.

The next morning, we had breakfast at one of our favorite places, Lori's Diner, always fun.

On the way back to check out of our hotel, we explored the Marine Memorial Hotel, which was next door. Of course I took more pictures of ceilings....

Last week, the grandkids and I went to see the Secret Life of Pets, which was a very cute movie.
While my friend Stephanie was on vacation, she happened to walk past all this orange. Knowing I would love it, she took a picture and sent it to me.
This is good advice.
And I have NO idea why Mark forwarded this to me when he saw it on Facebook.
Hope your weekend is a good one.


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stitchinpenny said... #

My daughter loves Hamilton and has seen it three times. Her boyfriend took her twice. Once in New York and once in Puerto Rico and she took her daughter to New York and even as a ten year old the daughter adored it.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Hey there, Cindy! Sure enjoy seeing your doin’s. It’s wonderful that you get to spend time with your grandchildren like this. I’m envious. And that you and your hubs have get-away days. Like your lake visit (great photos of your EPP), and seeing Hamilton and Britex. I’ve heard good things about both, and doubt I’ll ever see either one. Would love to go fabric-shopping at Britex, for garment fabrics. Can’t remember the last time I was in a decent, well-rounded fabric store. You’re looking very good, and I hope you’re feeling well too. Tolerating your BC drug okay? Keep enjoying life, as I can see you are. Blessings.

OPQuilt said... #

Such a fun post of all the FUN things in life: grandkids, grandkids and oh yes, some quilting and other things. Your tomato plants could crush mine and eat them for dinner--is it because you've had more sun? We finally have 3 teeny tomatoes on one bush. Britex is awesome, of course, and this was a great post of the beginning of your summer. Keep playing!

Robby said... #

From the looks of your photos, you're having a splendid summer with all your favorite people. Looks like you're acing summer. And that fabric store... wow!

French 75 said... #

I love reading your blog and seeing a snapshot of your week. Huntington Lake looks so full and beautiful. I'm jealous of your SF trip. Hamilton AND Britex! Lucky you. xo

Susan said... #

Lots of snapshots of the fun in your life at the moment. Did you know that there was an episode on The Great British Sewing Bee from a couple of years ago where the contestants had to make a tie? I couldn't believe how complicated one could be?! Maybe it will help you, although I am sure there are plenty of YouTube videos out there also! Love that button wall!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said... #

Looks like a grand time! Love your glamor shots of the EPP, and that fabric store looks amazing!

Jacqui's Quilts said... #

Love all your pictures! That diner is very cool and so are the ceilings :-). Fun to have the grandkids...quite a few of mine are coming today. We're having an early Canada Day picnic and a workday to move patio stones! I made a tie years ago and it was actually really fun to make :-). Enjoy!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Looks like you've been quite busy going places and doing things. That fabric shop wall of ribbons is amazing as is the whole store. Haven't seen Hamilton. My all time fav is Les Miserables. I can never get enough of the music and the story is just so so good. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said... #
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