Thursday, August 1, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 8/1/19

Another month has flown by, and we are beginning the EIGHTH month of 2019. Shocking. This is about the only thing blooming in our yard right now--I think it's some variety of sedum. Also, I never get tired of listening to this trombone water fountain (designed by Mark), because the sound of water gives the illusion that it's not quite so hot.

I was going to do my Gruber's retreat recap, but have decided to do a short really random, and then post the recap tomorrow.

Because of the oppressive heat wave we have had here in Fresno, anything that makes me chuckle is a good thing. Mark brews my coffee every morning. And while I love quiet mornings, I'm totally happy to chat with him while he makes my breakfast as well. :)
The other day, I was lucky to have unanticipated bonus time with the kids. Levi is at camp this week. So the four of us went to Barnes and Noble for a little snack and some book browsing.

Gabe and I had an interesting conversation the other day:

Gabe: Grandma, when am I coming to your house?
Me: This week.
Gabe: Oh good. We can go to the book store and then I can play on a device.
Me: Wait a minute. A device? How about quality time with your grandma??
Gabe: Well, as long as the device is named "Grandma" then we are good to go....just kidding...

Aaron, who also thinks he's funny (probably where his son gets it...) thought I would like a license plate like this. Nope. Way too phobic. I don't even like to think about it.
Gabe sewed another pillowcase the other day. He's getting to be quite comfortable with the sewing machine. I have him standing up to sew--after realizing that when he was sitting, the chair kept scooting out as he tried to work the foot pedal. Right now he's just the perfect height for standing while sewing. We will have to revisit this as he grows taller.
Sweet dreams...
This happened yesterday. *sigh* New alternator needed. My car was deader than dead. The tow truck driver had to jump start it to even get it into neutral.
Haha. Mark texted this one to me.
The English language is so confusing...
Aaron turned 41 last Friday. How could we possibly have a son who is 41 ??! He and the family hiked up to the famed Hollywood sign in southern California. So we celebrated last night.

A little game playing before the gifts...if you are not familiar with it, Tsuru is a really fun game. I'm not sure who the winner is here--they both seem to be claiming victory.
Almost ready to open presents.
The Brooks gave him cans of beer with the labels removed. Ruby and Amelia made him a booklet with all the labels so he knows what kinds of beer he got--he just doesn't know which can is which.
I love this picture of Ella. She loves her daddy so much.
Mark contacted his brother, Leon, in St. Paul, who went to a Twins game so we could give him this t-shirt.  He seemed very happy with it.
 There's a little photo bomber there...
Banana split ice cream pie for the win...
Happy birthday, Aaron. You make us proud as parents and we love you so much.

I'll close with this, which is funny/not funny...
Happy Thursday.


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FlourishingPalms said... #

Oh golly, Cindy... you find the best funnies. Love that chorus of singing cans. (giggle) You have the best life with family nearby to share it with. (sigh) Pictures of birthday celebrations and grandchildren... can it get any better? I think it's marvelous that you have a grandson who's interested in using a sewing machine. You have me wondering how I might make that happen. Hmm.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Lots of quality family time happening in the Wiens household. You do find the best funnies. Unfortunately that last one is probably way too true and part of why we don't have any of those devices. I am totally with you on the license plate. Totally!

Robby said... #

I love that you hang out with your grandkids in a bookstore! And while I have no image to go with it, my sister sent me this funny the other day. I hate to admit I had to read it twice to get it.

Disproved by science: 'I' before 'e', except after 'c' or when it sounds like 'a' as in neighbor or weigh.

OPQuilt said... #

I think my favorite sign is the Pacific Ocean sign--too funny! I never even thought about it before this. Happy Birthday to the son, and sorry about your car. Sounds like life is rolling along, with or without it!