Thursday, October 31, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 10/31/19

Boo! It's the Halloween edition today. I love the smoke in this picture.
Mark smoked a brisket on the Traeger the other day. And wow, did he work up some good smoke!
Charlotte was part of the worship team on Sunday. And for the first time, she and Christa sang together.
Gabe turned 8 earlier in the month, and to celebrate Mark and I took him to John's Incredible Pizza the other day. In the past he has chosen Chuck E. Cheese but we branched out this year. Our consensus: the games are better at Chuck E. Cheese but the food is better at John's Incredible Pizza.
Anyway...we had a fun time.
I finished my cute ghost quilt just in time for Halloween. And apparently I'm on a smoky theme--the background on this quilt is one of my favorites ever.

This was my favorite decorated pumpkin at the skilled nursing facility where my father lives.
I've been catching up on TV shows lately. This is the truth! Back in the 1970s when the mini series Roots was on TV, I remember the high school changing the time of some of the basketball games so people wouldn't miss any episodes.
Happy Halloween!


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I love your ghost quilt. That background is PERFECT!!!! Happy Halloween.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Such a great post full of Halloween goodness! Beautiful candle holder and how amazing is your ghost quilt!! The smoke background was a perfect choice! Happy Halloween 🎃🧡

OPQuilt said... #

Happy Halloween to you, too! Such a fun ghost quilt--you whipped that one up really quickly, and it's so very cute! I loved the Dodger pumpkin--such fun things in this post. (Stay out of the smoke, except for fabric on quilts!)

Robby said... #

You really nailed the background on your ghost quilt. I too remember the "olden days" when you may just miss something on TV. You know, the TV that had 3 or 4 channels instead of 300 or 400.

ytsmom said... #

Mini-series were a big deal during that time. I remember when Winds of War was showing, it was my husbands birthday, and we went out to eat, but we had to be home in time to watch!! What a difference in TV today.