Thursday, November 21, 2019

DIY Cloth Napkins

The next project in my month of "3D sewing" was to make some cloth napkins. I have had all these fabrics set aside for exactly this project for years!
I followed a tutorial by Lindsay Conner, because I know that she writes clear and easy-to-follow patterns. I found it here:

My goal was to make sets of six. Each napkin requires an 18" square, and I only had enough of the cute yellow toaster print to make two napkins. But then I remembered this awesome fabric by Cosmo Cricket, which is so funny because of the phrase "if we were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters." And I had enough for four napkins, so I was able to make the set of six. Win-win.

The selvage on this cute bird print says "don't let the birds do the dishes." You better believe I'll be saving that selvage for some special project.
PATTERN: DIY napkin tutorial by Lindsay Conner.

REVIEW: This tutorial is very well illustrated and well written. Highly recommended if you want to make some napkins for yourself or as holiday gifts. The only change I made was to trim some fabric from the mitered corner so it was not quite so bulky. Easy peasy, and it made a big difference for me.


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Needled Mom said... #

Those look so nice. I love using cloth napkins. That toaster saying is priceless! I'd be keeping that selvage too.

Debbie said... #

Very fun! I keep meaning to do this but am wondering is quilters cotton will pressed after washing each time - ya think? And does the single layer seem thick enough? Taking note of the tutorial tho!

piecefulwendy said... #

Your fabric choices are so fun. Love the toasters quote - haha. I just made some cloth napkins by cutting up an inexpensive tablecloth. The fabric is a loosely woven cotton, which has a little more weight than quilting cotton (but not nearly as cute as your fabrics!).

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I'm so going to try this tutorial. Wish I'd known about it when I made all my fruit/veggie napkins. I struggled to turn under the edges so went with double sided instead. Makes them nice and thick but also used twice as much fabric. I managed over two dozen even though they are doubled up.

Robby said... #

Not sure how I missed this post, but your napkins are great. And the toaster set is super fun!

Dextemade said... #

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