Thursday, January 23, 2020

Live a Colorful Life Quilt Diary

Today I began something I have wanted to do for several years--documenting the quilts I have made since I began quilting in 1994. If you have quilted for awhile, do you ever wonder how many quilts you have actually made? Me too. Sometimes it's hard to believe I've been at it for 25 years! Some years have been more prolific than others.  I know there have been some that I never mentioned here. And while many of them live somewhere else, there are piles here at home.
Photos of early quilts will be pictures of pictures, in other words, poor quality and awkward styling--taken long before I discovered another passion--quilt photography.

Since I want all the information to be chronological, cohesive and easy to access, I started another blog: Live a Colorful Life Quilt Diary:

And so it begins...


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Susan said... #

Oh, good luck! I am going to check out your diary. I made a separate page on my blog for mine and update it each time I finish another one. I started quilting back in 1984 but don't have some of those early quilts anymore. And so photos are pretty bad too!

Solar Flair said... #

Where did you learn quilt photography? I have been searching for lessons and not found anything really geared toward quilts. Thanks!

pforgerson said... #

You might also want to check out an app called Thingeology and as a way to document them as well as other special items you may have