Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Project Bag

Aaron is enjoying his new skill with knitting.
From experience, I know that you need a project bag, for many reasons--to keep it safe from children and pets, and also to make it more portable in case you want to knit in a different location (hopefully there are some Starbucks knitting sessions in our future).

I have made many lined drawstring bags, designed by Jeni Baker. She just came out with an expansion pack, full of variations.

I chose to make the "project" size (from the basic pattern), which is a really versatile size, and then chose the "bottom accent" instructions from the expansion set.  When going through some of my stash the other day, I came across a linen panel with four patterns, including an eye chart.  Since Aaron is an optometrist, it was the perfect choice
 The ampersand fabric was a good choice for the other side of the bag.
 For the bottom, I used black cork fabric. If you haven't sewn with cork fabric yet, don't be frightened away from it--I used my regular needle and polyester thread. Easy-peasy.

I also had just the right amount of this fabric with glasses to use for the lining, and it was the perfect color too!
I had already purchased several of these cute labels from Kylie and the Machine (she has so many cute labels to choose from). This is one of my favorites.
Leather cord for the drawstring and some wooden beads for the ends.
This pattern comes highly recommended. I hope you'll give it a try.

Pattern: Lined Drawstring Bag and Lined Drawsing Bag Expansion Pattrern by Jeni Baker (
Finished Size: 13" x 8" x 4"
Labels: Kylie and the Machine (
Cork Fabric: