Thursday, January 23, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 1/23/20

Every week when I finish writing the really random post, I hope that there is something interesting to post about in the next week's edition. I think you will enjoy this one...

Mark's brother, Pete, and our sister-in-law, Jane, live in Driggs, Idaho. This is the view from where they live, on the outskirts of Driggs, taken in May 2018.
In winter, they get a lot of snow. Every year in January, Driggs has something called Snowscapes, where teams are invited to carve sculptures out of snow (you can see some past sculptures here).

Pete and Jane were part of a team of four, and sculpted an amazing creation called Oaxacan Tango. It might have been inspired by this beautiful card painted by Jane that I keep in my office so I can enjoy it on a regular basis.
Each team is given a big block of snow.

And then the sculpting begins.
Here you can see a couple of the other sculptures in the background.
I'm not quite sure all the tools that are involved, but this is how their sculpture turned out. Isn't it amazing??!

The coolest part is that they won both Grand Prize and Kid's Choice. Congratulations, Pete and Jane!
Now that Aaron has become a knitter, he is noticing other knitters as well. He saw this one in the stands at a local basketball game.

He also knows of my obsession with all things Pantone, and sent me this. I love nerdy Pantone facts like this.
Ruby turned 8 this week. She is undoubtedly one of the sweetest girls there is. Love her so much.
My two favorite 8-year-olds.
I already have a HUGe amount of fabric. So I'm going to try to stick with more hugs this year...
Happy weekend.


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Farm Quilter said... #

How cool is that snow sculpture contest!! I wish I lived closer because that would be fun to see in person!! Congrats to your family for sweeping the top award in two categories!! I can totally understand your obsession with those 8 year olds!!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Aren't snow sculptures amazing? Your BIL and wife did a great job. They have a big international snow sculpting event in Breckenridge every year here in Colorado. We went for the first time last year when we went tubing. It's so amazing the things they can do with snow. Our family has rarely made normal snowmen . . . it's usually something for more unusual. I seem to remember a sphinx once and also an alligator.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said... #

Those are amazing sculptures! They did a great job! I like the huge hug poster too. Might need to put that on the front door to remind everyone!

Robby said... #

Not only do you seem to have a crazy artistic family, I love the wide embrace of creative mediums. And what kid would not love that sculpture? A blog-worthy week for sure.

Cathy O said... #

Wow! Snow sculpture! I guess they have to do something living in that cold climate!!
I just learned what a Pantone is! Thanks