Thursday, April 2, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 4/2/20

So. Here we are again, a week later. It's Thursday, right? Whatever...

I do know we are in a new month. March seems like it lasted for an entire year.

The birthday boy, Levi, from a week ago. Everyone else seems totally engaged in this photo op, right?

Our friend, Amy, makes beautiful bouquets and has been offering them twice a week, for pickup at the farm where she grows them. On Saturday afternoon we were feeling the need to just get out of the house, because...

 So we drove to the farm and picked up two bouquets. One for us...
And one for Christa...

With that being said, here is our weekly roundup of memes, with a couple of other things thrown in for good measure.

Last Saturday, Charlotte and I took an online class from the Neon Tea Party (highly recommended) on how to make pompons and tassels. Ideally, we would have been sitting side by side as we took the class. But we were in different locations, although we were able to text throughout the class.

My pompom turned out better than the tassel, and the loop is definitely not centered, but it's not bad for a first try.
I had Marisa send a kit to Charlotte so she would have all the supplies, and she included the sweetest personalized note.

Speaking of notes, Mark and I both received some mail this week. What a treat!

Remember the last two weeks where I have given you ideas for a wine tour and vacation plans?  This is the plan for the coming month.
Mark made a fused glass version of the barn quilt we hung on Periwinkle Cottage. I love it!

So we all know that toilet paper is in short supply, as well as elastic, now that so many people are making face masks. Want to know what else is in short supply? Sidewalk chalk!
I planned to buy three boxes the other day--one for us, and one each for the neighbor girls next door and across the street. The 48-color box is impossible to find, at least as of Monday. I found the 24-count box on the Joann website, and it said there were three available locally, with 30 percent discount for curbside pickup. I gladly ordered all three boxes. However, when we went to pick it up, I only received one box.  Our sidewalk needs some colorful messages, so, although it seems a bit selfish, I'm going to keep this solitary box for myself for now.

I saw this on my friend Elizabeth's Instagram feed, from a movie theater in Minneapolis. One of my favorite movie quotes ever, from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. You will only be familiar with it if you have watched the movie through all the credits at the end.
Benartex, which produces some really beautiful fabric, has an e-zine and I was asked to participate in their Modern with a Twist feature. Four quilters are given a traditional block (for this issue we were given the classic shoofly block) and asked to design a modern interpretation of it, and show what it would look like with one of their fabric lines.

 Naturally I chose solids. No surprise there, ha! (Ignore the little pieces of thread/lint that I forgot to get rid of before I took the picture...)

I used a collage app to see what a quilt would look like. I think I'd like to make a real quilt with this block.
Our friend, the ICU physician, who travels from New Orleans to Hanford, the small town nearby, sent us this picture. We continue to pray for the safety of all those who are working to keep the rest of us healthy, safe and fed.
We took the car through the carwash the other day. And operators made a little smily face in the suds, which made us extraordinarily happy. It's the small things...
We have accomplished a couple of projects that we've been meaning to do forever. Some of the acoustical separated from the ceiling in our bathroom shower, not because of a leak but because the last time it was repaired, we failed to properly seal and paint it. So now it's repaired and sealed, and we repainted the entire ceiling yesterday. (And I'm only mentioning this so we can keep track of things we actually accomplish during this shelter-in-place time.)
Mark also fixed the kitchen faucet. Some piece under the sink had a crack and so it was leaking, and the water pressure was reduced to a trickle. Look at it now. :)
This is me, most days.
Have you ever done of those daily photo prompts, where each day you post a picture? I have done them sporadically, sometimes posting each and every day, sometimes just jumping in here and there. Amy Ellis hosts one every year on her instagram feed, @amyscreativeside. The prompt for March 31 was "highlight of the month." I didn't post anything, but I was blown away when I was tagged several times after other people posted one of my quilts in their collage. Ellen posted my one and only attempt at improv, just a block, not a whole quilt (because improv hurts my brain...), in the upper left corner.

Karen posted my Kaleidoskop quilt in the lower left.
Elizabeth from @bittercandydesign posted Animal Planet, always a favorite.
Diana also included Animal Planet in her massive collage.
There is currently a sew-along running, for anyone interested in making the Sew Together Bag. I have made nearly ten of them in the past, but decided it might be a fun break from trying to figure out what to do next. So I ambitiously cut out the fabric for four of them. This one will be for me.
However, then the CDC decided that we all should be wearing face masks when we go out, so I have set the bag making aside to focus on making masks, just for the family at this point. And turns out I have plenty of elastic to make enough for everyone in the family. 

I considered using this fabric for the masks, but decided it would be put to better use as the backing for a 2020 quilt. #donottouchyour face
If you are still here, wow. Thanks for hanging in.This morning, I drank my coffee from this mug and said a prayer for everyone in NYC.
I'll end with these two thoughts.
Stay safe. Stay in place.


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Lisa England said... #

Interesting and entertaining as always! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said... #

Always a fun read, no matter what day it is. I agree, we don’t need to name them anymore, each one feels the same!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

OMG!!! I literally laughed outloud three times during your post!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robby said... #

As always, you put things in good perspective. I'm not at all surprised several people picked your work as a highlight. You really bring joy with your projects, and your humor.

I used to laugh at the meme that showed some old-fashioned quilters and the tag line read: It's not just a hobby, it's an apocalyptic life skill.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Thank you for this post Cindy! Nice to hear what you're up to and I had a few laughs too! Sending love from across the pond ❤️ xx

Georgia said... #

Same here. Great laughs, Cindy! Thanks for starting my day on such a positive note.

Charlotte M. said... #

Cindy, it seems that even if you post just memes you bring joy and laughter. Thank you so much. I am making masks for our family and a few friends also. Elastic is a challenge, but I am figuring it out as I go. Continue to stay safe my friend.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Thanks for the laughs Cindy. I'm so tired of seeing posts about masks. I'm making them but don't want to be reminded constantly. It's so nice to see something funny and different. Stay safe my friend.

OPQuilt said... #

This feels so germaine to this era--bits of this and that that we weave into a whole. Congratulations on all your mentions--I usually hate those "everyone post your scissors" sort of posts, but favorite quilts? Especially if they are yours? There's a prompt everyone can get behind. Fun to see all your creativity everywhere. Take care!