Thursday, April 23, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 4/23/20

Once again it's the time of week when we ask, "What day IS it??"
Maybe you feel like this:

Or perhaps even this:

As the weeks go by, I find fewer and fewer "real" things to post about, although COVID-19 is definitely a real thing, so maybe the numerous memes qualify. In any case, I will intersperse some pictures of quilts I have been hanging outside for something very fun here in the Central Valley called "Central Valley Outdoor Quilt Show," where quilters around the valley are hanging their quilts outside. I have been hanging a different quilt each day.
My Swedish Ex
Yesterday I was sitting outside and a neighbor from down the street was walking by pushing a stroller. She stopped and said, "I just want you to know that seeing these quilts warms my heart," so it seems like the right thing to do.

I would love to say that I am becoming more focused. However, that so far has not been the case. I haven't been sewing any masks this week, but I also haven't sewn anything else. The other day I trimmed three quilts for binding, and cut out some fusible interfacing, and felt like I had been extraordinarily productive.

For those non-sewers, here are a couple of ideas:
My friend, Ruth, sent me this one.

Speaking of masks, Mark and I had to stop at the bank the other day. It was kind of weird.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has been releasing one of his musicals each Friday for 24 hours, streamed on YouTube for free. Mark and I had never seen Phantom of the Opera, so Friday night we watched the 25th anniversary edition, filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015. It was amazing! The next best thing to being there.
On Saturday, Mark made a batch of fritters and oh my were they scrumptious. He made the version with apples, and we gave most of them away.

The traditional version is made with raisins, and since he then had a request for raisin fritters, he made another batch on Monday. We took some over to our friends, Al and Dotty, as Dotty is recovering from surgery. It was good to see her (from a distance), and their yard is absolutely gorgeous, as Al is a Master Gardener.

Other than daily walks, we rarely leave the house, unless it is a major outing to the grocery store. Once in awhile we get a carryout meal. I wonder if this is how we are going to feel if we are ever able to go to a sit-down restaurant again.

The Nest
We have been keeping the house pretty clean and uncluttered. That is not too hard because it's just the two of us. But I totally get this:

So often my thoughts go to the many, many parents who now have a full house all.the.time, and on top of that are homeschooling their children.

This one made me chuckle. I need to make sure Gabe sees this--he loves punny jokes.

Delta Breeze

I've also kept up with my "quatro colour" English paper piecing blocks--mostly because they are cheery and colorful, and I can actually finish at least one per day, so it's a bite-sized bit of accomplishment.
I would love to try this.

I'm still on the emotional rollercoaster. Are you too?

Amish Charm
We watched a couple of Hallmark movies on Sunday afternoon. I got pretty excited when I saw this version of the I Heart You quilt in one of the movies.

We are big fans of America's Got Talent. Now that production of TV shows and movie has come to a halt, I believe this is what we are left with.

As the weeks go on, I'm often discouraged by the projection of how long this will go on. Of course, no one knows, but I know it will be a very long time before we are back to life as we knew it, if that actually even happens. And as my feelings of being unsettled go on, as I feel like I'm not accomplishing "enough" with all the extra time I have been given, I think it is important to remember this, written by the sister of one of my favorite IG friends, Erika.
This is important. Read it. Take it to heart.
I'll end with this beautiful illustration by my friend, Molly (@tokodots). Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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Susan said... #

So many things to ponder and comment on Cindy! The pandemic is not stopping your thoughtful and inspiring posts. Besides, we also get to see your lovely quilts! I wonder what film you were watching where that heart quilt was seen? My emotions are all over the place this week- a work colleague's son, a police officer, was killed in a horrific traffic accident on Wednesday evening with three other police officers. It is an even sadder time...thankfully nothing lasts forever. Stay safe.

Robby said... #

I had three phone calls yesterday and every one of them ended with, "Dang, when you're home all the time there isn't that much to say." What lovely feedback from your neighbor about your daily quilt show! And that heart quilt, I feel like I should know who made it, like maybe they mentioned it in a blog or IG post. So I guess trying to remember that is something new to entertain me. I saw a meme the other day that said something like, "I've never washed so many dishes! Is it noon yet?". I'm not sure why, but even though we really do eat at home almost all the time I feel like suddenly there are a lot more dishes. Good thing my quarantine companion is thoughtful enough to load the dishwasher after dinner every night. Keep working on those EPP blocks, I'm enjoying them when they pop up. They're beautiful and some are quite fun. Take care!

Kathy S. said... #

Oh how I love visiting your blog and your wonderful sense of humor. There's so many fun things in this post! The apple fritters look amazing! I love the outdoor quilts you are hanging up. Oh the fussy cut gnomes!!! I took a screen shot of the cactus rocks because my kids love rocks. I'll probably post a "craft fail" post sometime in the upcoming weeks--but then I remembered that I need kindness for myself as well. I LOVE the t-shirt about Lockdown has talent. Thanks for the info on the YouTube plays! Have a great week! Thanks for the smile. :)

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said... #

after not blogging or even browsing blogs for awhile, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I confess I stole a couple of images...sort of...I found the Thesaurus online somewhere to send to my Grandson and I'm headed to Pinterest to see if I can find the painted rock cactus....But the best was seeing all your hard work and the beautiful quilts you are hanging out. Also love the quatro colour paper-piece squares and the lovely fussy cutting! Thanks for adding to my day!

Charlotte M. said... #

I love the cactus rocks. What a cute idea. I feel like you and I are kindred spirits here. We don't go out much as a rule anyway, but knowing that life outside our door is not the same changes it somehow. We went to the senior shop at Costco this week and it's just so weird to be out at all. It still makes me nervous even with a mask and gloves. My husband does all the weekly grocery shopping now. He worries I should not be out there. But who among us should? None of us are young and with reports of younger people getting sick, that's not necessarily a game changer either. I have been making 5 new cushion covers to send to my daughter in NC. She chose the fabrics from my stash over the phone and gave me creative freedom to do whatever I wanted. That really seemed to jump start my creativity more than anything has so far. Hang in there friend. There will be a new normal some day. I don't think we will ever go back to the way things were. Thanks for being here.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

As usual, all the memes really are spot on. Thanks again for the laughs. Love, love your quatro blocks. Handwork and I don't seem to get along so I do very little and admire those who find the motivation to do it. Yes to talking soon!!! I'm home ALL the time. Well except for daily walks.

Deb Cox said... #

thanks cindy for your post. i wont say much but really appreciate your joy and compassion and humour. we will get through this. take care dear lady and please keep these gems coming. we love them. xooxoxxoxoxoxoo