Thursday, April 30, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 4/30/20

For the first time since shelter-in-place began, I didn't find any memes about what day of the week it is. My only explanation is (a) I just haven't been on social media as much in the past week, or (b) no one cares anymore.

I'm still not sewing. *sigh* However, I continue hanging quilts outside nearly everyday.

Friendship Circles

A Day in Disneyland

The Prayer

After our neighbor mentioned she thought I might be hanging them because they were for sale, and our mailman thought we were trying to keep the sun out of the dining room window, I decided maybe some signage was in order.
Today I added some sidewalk information.

Finding the Way to My Heart

X and +

Amanda Jean's 36-Patch
 We haven't been out for awhile and I forgot that for the most part these are the most common highway warning signs nowadays.

Terry and Cathy live in the country and one of their friends had a gorgeous 1953 Chevrolet Tin Woody. They remembered my dream of releasing a calendar with quilts photographed with classic cars. I'll give you a sneak peek, but only a peek because the photo shoot really deserves a blog post of its own.

I took my Basket Weaving quilt. Their son and daughter-in-law have been sheltering in place on their property. Shannon has done a lot of professional photography, so I wiped off my phone (we followed the details of proper social distancing) and handed her my phone. I know she is used to a "real" camera but she was able to get some beautiful shots. Plus she loves the staging aspect of photography. What better idea than a basket of flowers on a quilt with baskets of flowers. Am I right?
For a brief period of time, as we sat outdoors on an absolutely beautiful morning, even though we were sitting further apart than we might have a few weeks ago, we were able to forget about social distancing and life seemed "normal."

I brought along a second quilt, Delta Breeze, and took some photos on this old bike.
On the way home, we stopped at a fruit stand for some strawberries, and also a handful of sweet peas.
We went through Jack in the Box, and then took our lunch to the city park in Reedley. It was so relaxing.
Shannon has been learning to make macarons, and she sent some along with us. What a yummy dessert.

Last weekend, we spent some time cleaning out the storage shed in the backyard and also the garage. A lot of the storage boxes contained things from a former life when we vended quilt shows under the name Around the Block Designs. We came across this set of pictures that I think we put on our sales desk, pictures from magazines that had featured Mark's beautiful fused glass. I'm happy to report that he is getting back to work on fused glass. 
Close-up shots (excuse the reflections--anything shiny is super difficult for me to photograph).

We still have some of these available. Just in case you might be interested. :)

We are still enjoying our visits with family. 
They have some buckets with rocks, and encourage passers by to take a rock, decorate it and return it. They have a fun collection.
See that orange one? It might be my favorite--it looks just like a fish.

I still haven't been sewing. Because this rings true for me. I'm hoping May will be different.

Speaking of sewing, this is funny.

I noticed this the other day in our laundry room It is the ceiling light. Last fall, months ago, I repainted the ceiling. Apparently I meant to tape off the light to paint around it, but never got around to actually doing it. So I never finished painting the ceiling. And never noticed until the other day. Good grief.
If you are home schooling (and what parent isn't??), I really hope this does not turn into reality.

Have you been cooking and baking a lot more? We haven't had trouble finding supplies except for yeast. That seems to be nonexistent. We are attempting healthy eating as much as possible. But no way I'm giving up coffee.

While alot of you may agree with this one, oatmeal raisin is actually one of my favorites. But still, 2020, come on!!

I had had some bargello kits mailed to the grandkids after they enjoyed them so much at Christmas. There were a couple of different design options.

Gabe went completely off script and designed his own: a Harry Potter lightning bolt. Creative kid...

The neighbor's cat, Harley, visits quite often and is very inquisitive. She got a little tangled up here.
I guess that's it for this week's edition. Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of May! Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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Susan said... #

I'm still enjoying your quilt show! I'm sure all those passing by are enjoying it too. I am a little surprised that you are allowed to go out and visit other people? Here in Australia we are not allowed to go too far from home. There are hefty fines for people gathering in groups! We are hoping that on May 11th two people will be allowed to visit another two people in their own homes- then I can visit my sons or my sister! The lockdown in the sewing room sign is very clever indeed!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I bet is was wonderful to be out and have the chance to visit with your friends. We've had our kids and SIL over for 'driveway' beers in the sun. This past Monday it was warm enough to be in the backyard and grill burgers while we all sat far part in the yard. Can't wait to be together for real though. Look forward to seeing more of your vintage car pics and have been enjoying your sidewalk quilt show. Stay healthy.

Robby said... #

Definitely Oatmeal Raisin. I should mention that you might try calling around to some local restaurants (pssst, or a donut shop) to see if they'll sell you some yeast. We have a local franchise of a chain that sells nice bread. A friend heard they're selling yeast by the pound at a reasonable price. Since her sister lives pretty remotely and can't get yeast, I think some is going in the mail.