Thursday, April 9, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 4/9/20


This week the recommendation came from the CDC that everyone wear masks when out and about. After trying at least four different versions, I settled on the one I like the best, and made masks for our immediate family members.

I got my pattern from, and since I made the initial batch, she has made some great modifications, including a little pocket so that you can remove the pipe cleaner at the bridge of the nose. This one seems to fit better than the pleated kind, so I'm sticking with it. However, thanks to my good friend, Stephanie, she had a great idea in lieu of ties or elastic.
So while everyone else is waiting for their shipment of elastic, I'm awaiting paracord and toggles. The toggles make it super easy to put on and adjust for a better fit.

It's crazy that newspapers are now printing mask patterns! This was on the back page of one of the sections of yesterday's Fresno Bee.

After my first mask batch-making session, my sewing room was a mess! I have a hard time concentrating when my surroundings are chaotic.

I spent a day cleaning it up, and it felt so good. And now it's ready to mess up again.

Before I started mask making, Round 2, I organized my zippers. I might have a slight zipper hoarding problem...

Other than our daily walks, we really have not been out of the house for two weeks. The other day we summoned the courage to stock up on some more groceries (and it was our first time out to be wearing our masks).  While at Target, we ran into good friend, Jamie, and it was so good to chat with someone other than each other.

Everyone seems to be on Zoom, and on Tuesday night, Mark and I had drinks with my friend, Stephanie, and her husband, Lloyd. It was fabulous and I hope we can have more of these sessions.

We definitely have been making it a priority to walk each day. The fresh air is so needed, and we rarely see anyone else while we are out and about.

In the last two weeks, I have given you ideas for vacation plans and wine tour plans. I present spring break plans...

Mark and I are home alone, without kids. But I totally understand these:

Here's an idea.
For sure.

I can tell people are doing a lot more scrolling through social media. I've never had so many "mentions" before. Ever.
I have been doing a lot of English paper piecing, and posted these cute little blocks yesterday.
I couldn't believe it when Sue Daley, the block designer, posted them on her Instagram feed!

Toilet paper is still in the news. Hopefully it's getting easier to find. And the jokes continue.

Charlotte sent me this.
Mark sent me this.
And a sew-along for this quilt is currently ongoing.

Mark heard today that the NFL will be doing a virtual draft. He will be watching. Or listening. I'm not sure how they will be holding it...

This was interesting.

So how is your hair looking at this point? The last time I was in (right before the lockdown), we had discussed what my hair might look like if I decided to stop getting color touchups. I guess now we will find out.
On a more serious note, one of the people I follow on Instagram, @hilaryrushford, posed an interesting thought in her weekly newsletter when she said "I feel like most everyone understands what I'm going through and I them. Which would not be the case if I were walking through any other crisis--cancer, a breakup--that 90% of those around me would not also be walking through...I joked that we were both lonely and exhausted: we feel left out when not invited, yet when invited want to cancel to stay home and watch Netflix...Will we appreciate our in person time more a year from now? or will we have learned that we appreciate more slowness, more alone time, or a small group of people we go deep with?"

That is indeed something to think about. As is this. I feel like I have just entered the Learning Zone, for the most part, with a big goal of entering the Growth Zone.
While I've been sewing masks, Mark went back to his roots and made homemade buns. When he was young, his mother had vertigo. When she was weak she would sit in a chair in the kitchen and tell him how to bake bread. I don't remember him making bread in the intervening years but I guess it's kind of like riding a bike. They are delicious!
(You might notice a kitchen decorating theme ...)
Our dear friend had surgery this morning. Sadly, she is the newest member of the breast cancer "club," a horrible club to be part of. Her husband could only drop her off at the entrance, and he will pick her up tomorrow when she is ready to go home, and that will be difficult for him as well. I can imagine the loneliness she was feeling. Those two pre-op hours seem to drag by, even when you have a family member or friend sitting with you while you wait.

So Mark had the great idea of making a sign, and being at the surgery center when they arrived, so she would know we were thinking of her. It was gray and raining this morning, but I'm so glad we were there.
I'm constantly amazed that something causing so much havoc and heartache is unseen, yet flowers have not stopped adding beauty to our surroundings, just as they do every year at this time. Our azelea bush is in full bloom, and by next week I'll be able to photograph some roses.
I'll end with this. Congratulations if you have made it this far. This kind of says it all...


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Cathy O said... #

Oh my Cindy! You never disappoint and for sure make me chuckle and laugh out loud! Love you and keep the observations, alway quirky and cute, coming!
I want one of your masks!! They look totally awesome! ❤️

Sewgirl said... #

Great post...thanks for the laughs!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said... #

Those masks look great - I think it is wonderful that you used different fabrics to personalize for the recipients, and great that your friend was also wearing a mask. Lots of great chuckles in this post!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

This was a day brightner with moments of seriousness. I do wonder if we will be willing to stay home more and not be looking so hard for the next big whatever. Thank you for sharing.

OPQuilt said... #

So much fun in this post, from signs for ailing friends, to lotsa masks to facetime conferences with friends. You sound busier than ever! I'm about to start on phase two of masks around here, and after searching EVERYWHERE in my house, I found my pipe cleaners to put in the nose pocket. Love the way you put them on, with the toggle and cording. Thanks for a great post!

Robby said... #

As long as there are Really Random Thursdays, I think I'll make it through this staying at home thing. I love that you and Mark showed up for your friend, what a dear gesture that will be remembered long into the future. And that zone chart? I'm like the little duck in the shooting gallery that keeps zipping back and forth, one minute I'm being all mature and helpful and the next I'm gnashing my teeth over some ridiculous thing. Someone commented the other day (please don't let it be you and I look stupid here) how this is like the grief process where sometimes things are OK, and then some new loss is realized and we start over. My saving grace is that the sun is out most days which means Hubby and I can go for walks. Usually at different times to maximize the solitude time. Take care!

Sandra Lanter said... #

I really enjoyed your post...funny and the breast cancer hit home with my daughter in law and my son having to drop her off for surgery. Sad times, but the sun is out today and this will pass.

Charlotte M. said... #

Another great post with laughs and showing us how we are all in this together. I can't imagine going through cancer at this time. Prayers for your friend. I like Robby from the comment above. I am bouncing between the learning and growth. The fear didn't last long, but it's hard to stay in the growth zone. It has been raining here all week long. I am in desperate need of some sunshine and warmer temps. We received 1.5 inches of rain overnight Thursday and it is still raining this morning. Yuck! If it ever stops, I am going to start walking again. I have been sewing, crocheting and baking bread, and unfortunately eating said bread. Stay safe Cindy.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Thank you, thank you for another bright spot to my day. The fear-growth chart is so enlightening. It's helpful to put things in perspective and better understand what we are all going through. Gratitude plays a big part in my life right now as I am fortunate in so many ways. No little kids to deal with. Already stay home with my husband so not a huge change there. Daily walks. Fresh air. I plan to get back to regular sewing this weekend for my sanity. Hugs and prayers.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... #

Brilliant post - thank you! Hugs to your friend - heal quickly and be strong! And please will your hubby share his recipe for those buns - they look delicious.