Thursday, May 7, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 5/7/20

Here we are. In a new month. With a new selection of COVID-19 memes and quilts hung outdoors for the Central Valley Outdoor Quilt Show.
At this point, it seems like April sped by fairly quickly. And that March was three years ago. We are in a time warp where nothing makes sense.
Are you a Star Wars fan? May 4th (May the Fourth
be with you) has come and gone.

It's been breezy here this week, and so we weren't able to hang a quilt each day.
Marcelle Goes to the Circus
One of the local theaters offered quite a deal the other night, and since Saturday has become our movie night, we thought it might be fun. Popcorn, chips and nacho dip, four hotdogs, two bags of theater candy, and two other pieces of candy, for $25. As our grandson said, "It doesn't look healthy.  But good."
We watched A Star is Born. We are working our way through the movies with music--Rocketman, this one, Bohemian Rhapsody, Yesterday...Do you have any suggestions?

Ghastlie Notions
I have been sewing this week. And it feels so good! Here is a teaser, with the full reveal on Monday.

One of the highlights of the week is to pick up breakfast on Friday morning from our favorite, Benaddiction. We noticed these two guys figured out a way to social distance and enjoy breakfast together.
There is a fencing studio about a half mile away from us, and Aaron has always been interested in taking classes. Now might be a good time.
At the end of each year, I have all my blog posts published in a hardback book (the main reason for these Really Random posts--it's my journal). Anyway, I was looking for something specific from 2016 and came across this gem. I had no idea this would take on an entirely different meaning!

Mark found an old trumpet the other day. He loves to make water fountains from found objects and went right to work, incorporating a little bugle as well. The weather has been so nice all week (although it will be changing this weekend--going up to 100, ugh), so I have spent many hours sitting outside and reading.

 I could not resist taking a couple of "artsy" pictures.:)

Are you still sheltering in place? We have been extended until May 31. 

Some businesses will be opening up on Monday. It is kind of weird to think about that. I don't like going on grocery runs--it makes me a little bit anxious.
Christmas in the City

Hardly anyone is aware of this, but I have another blog account: Live a Colorful Life Quilt Diary (, where I am attempting to log all the quilts I have made. Prior to about 2004, all pictures of my quilts were actual photos, real photos that did not just live in my hard drive. So I have been going through the photos to put them in chronological order. I found these pictures from my first retreat with friends Ruth and Dotty back in March 2000. We were at Dotty's cabin at Yosemite, anticipating a weekend of nonstop sewing. And then it began snowing. Dotty knocked on our bedroom doors early Sunday morning and said, "We have to leave NOW!" None of our things were packed up, but in the space of half an hour, we packed up, cleaned out the refrigerator, closed the cabin, and packed the car. (Notice the quilt ruler snow scraper.)

 The snowplow was on its way to clear the road and Dotty said "GET IN THE CAR!" because she knew if we didn't get out ahead of the snowplow, it would be nearly impossible because snow would be piled up against the car. The car was already moving before we even closed our doors. What a memory. The following few years, we still went in May or April. And still contended with snow, but never like this. Now we go about the end of May. Until this year, of course. :(

While going through papers, I also found this gem, written by Dotty when I started my job at our LQS, Quilter's Paradise. I was SO nervous as I had never worked retail before.

I'm still working on these cute blocks.
Gabe is on Messenger Kids and sends me occasional pictures.

Here is a funny little conversation the two of us had yesterday, and I just want to remember it, so here goes: Gabe told me that he needed a watch. He's reading a book, wonders what time it is, puts his book down, comes back and has lost his place. I told him what he really needed was a bookmark, but that's not what he had in mind. Anyway, I asked him whether he wanted analog or digital. He said analog, because he could tell time on either analog or digital. I told him that his father never learned to tell time on an analog, or tie his shoes, until he was in second grade.

Me: Do you know why?
Gabe (looking quizzical): Because he was home schooled??

Haha. No. And all you homeschoolers (which pretty much includes any parents with kids at home), please do not be offended by that. I told him it was because nearly all watches and clocks were digital at that time (because it was cool), and all shoes had those velcro straps (again, because it was new and cool). 


Are you watching a lot of TV? Scrolling incessantly through Facebook or Instagram? I go in spells. I'm trying to do more reading but I'm not always successful.

After seven weeks at home, Aaron went back to work part time this week (full time next week). He's an optometrist and I thought this was funny.

I'll end with this. Just because it's adorable.


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Susan said... #

I read somewhere that the days all blend into one because they are so much of the same. It’s newness that helps define the days. Have you seen the film Blinded By The Light? That’s one we enjoyed, although we are big Bruce Springsteen fans! I must check out your other blog of quilts!

DianeY said... #

On your musical movies, I saw one last week called Yesterday, Beatles music and kind of a cute movie I thought. i'm not sure what it was on, maybe just the On Demand section from our cable co. Spectrum

PCQuilter said... #

Love the Kaleidoscope quilt. Just gorgeous!

Charlotte M. said... #

Looking forward to seeing your version of Whimsy Garden. I think it looks like fun. I am working on the Penny Sampler Quilt Club by Rachel of Stitched in Color. It is all paper piecing, which I have improved at. I love the musical instruments fountain. Mark is very talented. I remember some of the quilts you have made. I remember really being impressed with your Christmas quilt. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Your Kaleidoscope is so so good! Love the blend of colors. Glad you're back to sewing and feeling in the mood too. I've been getting a lot more done lately as well. I think making masks for awhile really effected my motivation for other things for a good two weeks. Now I feel motivated on several levels. Purging in the house. Yard work. And quilting! Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Yesterday was a good movie full of Beatles songs and a funny little story line.

Robby said... #

There's so much great stuff in this post.. where to begin? First, I'm so glad you're sewing again. I look forward to seeing your Night Garden, that background is perfect.

Mark is truly a creative guy. That fountain is cool.

Movies with music. Walk the Line is surprisingly good. The Blues Brothers is an oldie but a goodie. O Brother, Where Art Though? is good. And of course, musicals like Chicago.

Today was our first day of not being under "Stay at Home". Our governor (who I'm grateful we have) has dubbed this new phase "Safer at Home" and things are still quite restricted with only curb-side pickup at all non-essential stores. Offices may re-open with no more than 50% of employees on site - and if you're 70+ the rule is, "May looks a lot like April". One thing I've noticed is that I am limiting some of my blog and social media reading as I find some people are regularly saying how terrible it is to be at home and they "just want to go back to normal". Know what? Normal is months away and I notice the more I read how much being home is bothering someone the more it affects my thinking. I admit, it's certainly probably harder for people who are more extroverted than me (you know, 85% of the world), but I don't have to let them make me discontent. Thanks for spreading laughs and positivity. And now, I need to go send that meme to our friends who are Lutheran! Be well.