Thursday, June 25, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 6/25/20

It's finally Thursday. This is how most weeks feel to me.

I read that Disneyland, which had planned a reopening date of July 17, to coincide with its 65th anniversary, has postponed opening to an unknown date.  Cases are going up, probably due in large part to more testing, as well as people being out more.  Here are some good guidelines to follow.

This seems right...
I spend plenty of time inside, on my phone, believe me. But "outside" seems one of the safest places to be right now. I have been wanting a "beach cruiser" bike for the longest time. Jill has wanted to upgrade to a mountain bike. So she sold me this absolutely perfect bike and I love it!
We had family pictures taken last week, but the absolutely amazing Matlyn of Matlyn Mae Photography.

We all look a little bit different than what I was expecting when we first made the appointment, scheduled for late April. But the appointment was postponed, obviously. So during that time, Mark has grown a beard, I have stopped coloring my hair, and Aaron has grown his hair out for maybe the second time since the end of junior high. I'm sure he probably knows this, but I like the look of his head shaved much more than with hair, but that's not my decision to make. Anyway, Christa said that the hair needed to go for the pictures. So last week, during dinner, I don't think anyone really paid attention that he was wearing his Dodgers cap.
Photo credit: Christa 
And then Christa requested that he take his hat off for a picture.  Woo boy...
Photo credit: Christa
Photo credit: Christa
Not exactly what anyone was expecting. Charlotte expressed shock, Gabe and Ella couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure glad Christa videotaped the whole thing.

The family photo shoot was a lot of fun. Matlyn is inventive and instinctively knows how to photograph both kids and adults.She took so many amazing photos. Here are just  a couple.
 Photo credit: Matlyn Mae Photography
Photo credit: Matlyn Mae Photography

I'll share more in a separate post. It's been three years since we took family photos and I'm thrilled with the results. And wow, have these kids grown!

Ruby and Amelia looked like this on Friday night. Beyond adorable.
Photo credit: Matlyn Mae Photography
By Saturday, their hair looked like this: mermaid braids! So cute. I'm sure Amelia would tell you it took hours and hours and hours...and hours. And I'm pretty sure Jill would agree. Although she says she is already watching more braiding videos on YouTube.
Photo credit: Jill

A project for this summer has been to label my quilts and also update my quilt diary blog. My plan was to label a quilt a day. Want to see how well that has worked for me? Actually, not at all. In addition, I have three quilts that need binding. But summer has only begun, right?
At least I continue to do some English paper piecing. It's fun and cute.

Stay healthy, my friends.


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Charlotte M. said... #

Lovely family photos and I really like your hair. Yes, summer just started, you still have time to get those quilts labelled.

FlourishingPalms said... #

As you surely know, Coronavirus numbers are climbing here in Florida too. It's SO discouraging. However, our increase isn't due to more testing, but because young people think they're infallible, and are taking unnecessary risks. The 25-34 age group is the fastest growing. We can't believe Disney World isn't following Disneyland's lead, and postponing opening. But, if people make the decision to go anyway, it's not up to me to set them straight. I feel bad for the children who get Coronavirus, like the four year-old at our local church pre-school. Your family pictures are great, and you prompt me to wonder when all of our family might (ever) again get-together. I don't think anyone wants us, from Florida, to come and visit them! It's nice that you're catching up on to-dos, and you remind me to keep up with labeling my quilts as I go! :-) It's lovely to see your EPP too. I need to cut more little pieces, some of which are fussy-cut, to keep going with mine. Stay safe!

Needled Mom said... #

It has been such a strange year for all of us. Love your new family photos. It is amazing how quickly the kids grow. Have fun with the labeling. That's constantly on my to do list. Good thing I blogged about them so I can refer back for dates! lol

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Those family photos are so precious. Our latest family photo was from Emily and Ryan's wedding. Monday will be their 3rd anniversary! Seems like yesterday that I was in the midst of wedding planning. Seems like yesterday was Monday. Wait. Is today Monday too?

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I'd love to know what you decide to include in your quilt labels . . . when you get to them. lol I'm really bad about labels. Only for shows or gifts. Plus I have 5 quilts waiting for binding. Haven't sewn a stitch in 2 or 3 weeks. Lots of other things instead so progress is being made. Just not in my studio.

Robby said... #

This week was very long. Probably the longest I can recall since last week? Not true, this week felt long, but most of them have gone OK. I think the sudden desire I had to sit on a lovely patio dining with friends on food cooked by someone I paid to do so, right after they made me the perfect Margarita could have been the culprit. In fact, the detailed description of that should give you an idea of how much it's been in my thoughts. Meanwhile, our little city has also had an unpleasant uptick in cases due to large groups of young invincible people partying near the university. It's caused so many cases, the town is now citing people for groups larger than ten and the university is deciding how to update their code of behavior to deter such gatherings.

I love those family pictures, especial you and Mark with your grandchildren. You all clearly love each other very much, which is a precious thing to record no matter what you look like. And you can always tell people you just went a little "2020" when the photos were taken. Take care!