Thursday, July 16, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 7/16/20

Last Thursday, Ella and I had our tea party. We donned our fancy hats, had an exceptional array of bakery items, and drank milk from a Beauty and the Beast tea set. Then we watched Beauty and the Beast, which includes my favorite song in any Disney movie ever--Evermore sung by Dan Stevens. Check it out. Seriously. It was such a special morning, just the two of us.

 One of the few things I kept when my parents moved into assisted living--this candy dish with hand painted flowers and a ruffled edge

Also on Thursday, we began the process of trading in our 2008 Honda Pilot for a 2020 Subaru Ascent.
12 years, only 75,000 miles
 We have been considering this for quite awhile, and did extensive online research, comparing both cars. For the same sticker price, we liked the interior of the Subaru so much better, and it had more features for the same price--all-wheel drive, heated seats, power rear door--and ranks higher in reliability, which is important since we plan on keeping the car for a very long time. So after 31 years of five different Hondas, we made the switch. I only hope that the 2020 Ascent behaves much better than the actual year of 2020!
Mark missed his opportunity to get a haircut last week--salons and barbershops are closed again.
When Gabe was very small, I made this card table cover for his Christmas present.

Christa sent me this picture of Gabe and Ella the other day. I do believe they have outgrown it...
Have your school districts made a decision about opening school or staying online? The two largest school districts in California (Los Angeles and San Diego) have already made the decision to stay online. Fresno will surely not be far behind. I feel so bad for both the teachers and the students. When schools closed in March, I don't think anyone anticipated that they would be closed for fall semester as well. I wish people would just wear their masks! The further we get in this pandemic, the more information is out there that wearing a mask protects both you and others. I feel like it's a small inconvenience that could make a huge difference. But yet people still resist wearing them...

And yes. This...


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Needled Mom said... #

You are such a good Grandma with all of the fun events you create with them. Love your new car. I hear the Subarus are great cars. Our county has not yet announced the fall school plans, but like you, I feel so sorry for these kids.

Maureen said... #

Love my 2015 Subaru Forester. Would buy another next time around!

Charlotte M. said... #

My daughter has a Subaru and she loves it. Would totally buy another one. Her school district in Durham NC has decided to stick with on line learning for the first nine weeks at this point. I am glad they made that decision, because she was agonizing over what to do for her children. Her younger kids have both had breathing issues in the past so are at more risk. Still hoping for a vaccine.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love the tea party you had with Ella. We had a lot of tea parties when the kids were small. Emily even had a tea party theme on her eight b-day and it was sooo much fun. The girls wore fancy dresses and Justin and Jordan (5 at the time) played the part of waiters by wearing black pants and white shirts with towels draped over their arms. Love the pic of little Gabe in his tent. It's such a fun time when they're that little to fit under tables. Adorable little house you made for him. Have a wonderful weekend at home.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Purchased a new Subaru Legacy in 2019. I year later (April) had 3,200 miles on it. Still thought we'd be driving to LA for HS graduation...didn't. Last week filled the gas tank for the first time since March. I love all you do with the grandchildren. You are the grandma I wished for when I was little. I think many people weren't paying attention in kindergarten (didn't learn everything they need to know) and that's why they don't play nice now. I feel sorry for both the kids and the teachers trying to figure out how school will be this fall. A lot of extra stress all the way around!

Robby said... #

You ladies look like you're having a lovely tea time. What a great memory for you both from this crazy year. And you did not skimp on beautiful food either. My parents made the leap from years of Hondas to a Subaru last year and have been very happy. On my list of things to check this week is the status of our schools. We don't have kids, but live near a high school so I like to know what's going on over there. My PT gal was telling me last week that she's torn between wanting to keep her daughter at home and wishing for her school to open. As a health professional she's very up to speed on the pandemic health concerns and yet it impacts her ability to work and keep them in shelter and food. What a dilemma!

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