Thursday, July 9, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 7/9/20

If you follow me on instagram (@liveacolorfullife), you may have noticed that I'm completely obsessed with our first-ever dahlia bloom. A few months ago we were given a box of tubers by Amy of @silverfrogflowers. They were unlabeled, and Amy said she had no idea which ones were in the box, or even if all of them would bloom. We followed instructions on planting, and last week our first bloom started opening. 

It is stunning. It is a blushy coral color, and don't be surprised if you see me select some fabric for a quilt in these luscious colors. To say I'm completely smitten is a huge understatement.

We have not been able to identify exactly which dahlia this is, although certainly not for lack of trying. I can identify dahlias that are very close in color. However, what is unique about this one is the "serrated" edges of the petals. 

Yesterday morning, I finally decided to cut it and bring it indoors so I can enjoy it nonstop. For sure I'm already planning on enlarging our dahlia garden for next summer. We have seven plants up right now. So far this is the only one with buds. But learning more about dahlias has begun!

Four summers ago, the grandkids stayed at our house for a few days while Aaron and Christa were on a trip. I decided to hold "art camp," and each day we had a different project. It was quite successful but for some reason we never officially held art camp again. 

This year, Christa will be attending a week of online classes and it will be easier if the kids are out of the house so she can concentrate. So...each one of the kids received this invitation in the mail.

Christa secured Ella's spot via a super cute video. Gabe and Levi both texted me their acceptance. And then we received this email from Charlotte, along with an extensive resume' and a letter of recommendation.

 This was our response.

I think it will be a fun week. 

Along these same lines, I enjoy having a one-on-one "date" with each of the grandkids. It's a little harder during this time of COVID-19 as we can't really go anywhere. I really wanted to do something with Ella, and then my friend, Janice, recommended a tea party. Perfect idea! I have a little china tea set from Beauty and the Beast, so I made this invitation and sent it on its way.

This was her reaction. I'll take that as a "yes."

Funniest text of the week. Clever use of an emoji as part of a word.

My friend, Barb, made a king-sized version of My Swedish Ex. It's beautiful!

Happy mail from my dear friend, Stephanie. I had mentioned to her I was feeling kind of down--like so many other people. And then this arrived in the mail. Having known Stephanie for nearly ten years now, I can tell you for certain that one of her "gifts" is that of thoughtfulness. And I know a lot of her other friends would say the same thing.
 And she found this tote bag at Office Max. Woohoo!
Latest home project--we redid this clock. It is from an old dresser and in its former life, it was painted a coral-orange, with black chalkboard paint for the face and chalk-stencilled numbers. We very nearly got rid of it, and then decided to give it a facelift. We added some of Mark's fused glass squares for the numbers and gave it a new lease on life. 

I seriously want to order this rug for our kitchen (
Fireworks in our neighborhood were out of control this year. Were yours too?
See you next week...


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Carla said... #

You are one clever grandma! I wish I could come to your camp! A few years ago, Fred and I visited a Dahlia Garden in Northern California. I believe it was near Mendocino in Ft. Bragg. All were in bloom and it was amazing!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Your camp invitation and correspondence with Charlotte had me in tears. I may not be able to read more of your posts about your grandchildren because I'm missing mine so much. No doubt you will have a fabulous time together. And your tea party will Ella... so sweet. You have an extremely thoughtful friend in Stephanie. The pillow she made is beautiful! What are the chances of finding a bag with your blog name?! Wow. I've seen that rug in the IG ads, and paused to admire it. Wouldn't that be a great quilt design too? No fireworks around here. Too many senior citizens would have complained. Ha, ha. Honestly, I don't expect "normal" again for at least a year. No wonder you and I have been "feeling kinda down." No doubt about it; a funk is a funk.

Sandra Lanter said... #

I came across a sack in the basement that said Dahlia, looked dried up and it was kind of late to plant. I recalled it didn't do so much last year planted out front...but I quickly stuck it in a pot on the patio. It has been beautiful...kind of yellow and pink and mauve-ish. I plan to buy more, also. You sound like a good grandma....I had six in town, had them quite a lot and loved every minute. Our fireworks here in the middle of Illinois were all over town and still you hear extras being shot off until late. Our new neighbors got carried away as the remnants were on our front porch and our windows rattled on the 4th. We are being safe...I feel isolated and funk is a good way to explain how I feel. Good thing I have quilting!

Charlotte M. said... #

Your art camp is just the ticket. I know that it will make you all feel better and a bit more normal. I did a week of art camp for my oldest grandson when he was 5. We made sugar cookie dough and divided it up into colors and mad rainbows and twists and such. Tasty fun. Charlotte is a dream. So clever and talented. You are very lucky. It was super noisy here on the 4th until very late. The cats were pretty unhappy about that. Loved seeing your pillow. I would love to make some of those.

Charlotte M. said... #

Forgot to say, I love your Dahlia.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

That dahlia!!!!! Now I want to grow them too. Love the camp invitation and especially Charlotte's response. You do so many fun things with your grandkids . . . always giving me good ideas for when the time comes.

Needled Mom said... #

I've so enjoyed the growing dahlia. They are such pretty flowers. Love Charlottes back and forth about camp - especially the dietary comment. They always have such fun at camp there.

Tracy said... #

Dahlias have been taking over my flower garden for some time now. If you are interested in finding out the name and variety of your beautiful flower, is the web site of Swan Island Dahlias. You may even find a few friends for your dahlia, for next years garden .

Danette said... #

Such a beautiful Dalia and your Art Camp sounds like so much fun!

Robby said... #

I'm not a huge flower person, not sure why. I think you've successfully made me want to grow dahlias with those stunning photos. Not sure how they would like our zone, so I may be limited to admiring yours.

I believe I recall Art Camp, and thinking it was a brilliant idea. All I can say is, in a summer of social distancing and staying at home, I think it's likely to be a highlight for everyone. I'll be eagerly awaiting the "letters" from camp.

Meanwhile, that clock now has a cool sort of Art Deco vibe. Great makeover.