Friday, August 28, 2020

Really Random Friday, 8/28/20

This is the second of my mystery dahlias. It's a beauty.
A couple of weeks ago, I received these pictures from a second cousin. I have never seen them before, both from when my father was a minister in a small church in City Terrace (in Los Angeles) and I was very small. This is me, along with my parents. The second picture is my dad leaning against the railing. I love these pictures and was so happy to receive them.

Also arriving via text were these two pictures from my brother-in-law, Pete. First, a huckleberry gin and tonic, and next a picture of what he was having for breakfast: fresh huckleberries, on fresh mangos, fresh pesto from their garden, fresh service berry jam with berries picked and made by my sister-in-law, Jane, eggs from their neighbors' chickens, and fresh potatoes. We need to be closer to them! (They live in south eastern Idaho.)
Mark's birthday was on Sunday. His car did not forget about him. :)

Also, our car's windshield is not merely dirty. That is ash from all the fires in California. Ugh.

A few weeks ago Mark rented a cabin in a small lake town about an hour from Fresno. We originally rented it to get away from the heat. However, turns out we also needed a break from the horrible air quality. So on Monday we made our getaway.

We had the cutest little cabin, the Cowboy Cabin. We had brought lots to do--DVDs (there was no cable, thanks to a fight they are having with their cable provider), games, knitting, hand sewing, and books. We ended up sitting on our deck and reading nearly the whole time. While the air was a little hazy on Monday afternoon, it cleared up and the next day so we had blue sky, and at night we could see the moon and stars. It was lovely.
There were four little cabins like this, along with some hotel rooms, and some glamping tents. The first night we were there, two of the glamping tents were occupied by young couples from southern California and they let us peek inside. There was a queen-sized bed, some chairs, electricity and a ceiling fan, along with a nice deck. I like the idea of them but not enough to walk down the hill a ways to use a shared bathroom, so I was quite happy in our little cabin.
On Tuesday, we walked into town and celebrated Mark's birthday at a very nice restaurant. There were several outdoor tables, set far apart, so this was the first time we have actually had a meal at a restaurant since early March.

We had lunch at the lake yesterday before we headed back home.

My friend, Janice, sent me these. :)

Here are a couple more I found here and there:
 Not COVID-related, but still funny.

Here's an idea:
Have a healthy weekend.


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DianeY said... #

Was that at Shaver Lake? My kids and another couple had a cabin there last week. Hmmm. They are from SoCal. I'll have to ask them about their cabin?

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I'm glad you were able to get away. It looks lovely and relaxing. We haven't been in the mountains or hiking in ages. With our air being smoky we've been staying put. Tired of ash on everything and it's probably nothing compared to what you have. Finally seems better these last couple of days. Every time I go out to the stores, I get so frustrated about wearing a mask and how weird it is out there I can't wait to get home. Wishing for everything about 2020 to be over. Virus. Politics. Fires. Sigh.

Needled Mom said... #

The ash and smoke are always so nasty when the fires are burning. We had such awful air quality here, too, for a couple of days. Love the photos of your folks and you. It’s always such fun to see the old photos. It looks like you enjoyed your little getaway. It’s such a cute cottage.

OPQuilt said... #

I'm hoping your Cowboy Cabin makes it through the fires as it is sooo cute and sounded like such a wonderfully relaxing time. I love how you two do little getaways; of course I'm jealous! Fun memes, and again, Happy Birthday to Mark!

Robby said... #

That looks like a lovely little get-away! Belated birthday wishes to Mark. And dining out?! What a distant memory, oh for the days slow service was a complaint that didn't involve me being late with dinner. Ha-ha. And I must end with a question I could ask Google, but would rather ask you... what exactly is a service berry? I learned a few years ago what a cane berry was, and have heard of service berries, but I'm clearly not well informed berry-wise.

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