Thursday, February 25, 2021

Really Random Thursday, 2/25/21

While most of the rest of the country is under snow, spring is in the air here in the central valley. 
And we are also in a severe drought situation at this point.

It was so nice the other day, so Mark and the three older kids played a favorite game outdoors. I'd love to tell you the name, but it's a German word and I have no clue how to spell it, spulke (or something close to that I think). It involves one person holding a lid and throwing dice, and the others having a spool on a string. If the person with the lid throws a 5 or a 7, the other people have to pull their spool out before the lid slams down. If the person with the lid mistakenly slams the lid, he owes all the players a token. If any of the players mistakenly pull their spool out, they owe the person with the lid a token. It's loud and raucous. And loads of fun.  Side note: Mark and I were playing it in a hotel with friends years ago and security had to knock on our door and tell us to please STOP!

The kids have done a lot of rock painting during the pandemic. I showed a good friend some of their creations and she said they needed larger rocks! And then a few days later she brought me a bag of them. Don't you love friends who can fill a need you didn't even know you had? :)

I have always wanted to paint a rock that looks like a little travel trailer I think I will put it by the front door. Gabe's rock that looks like an egg cracking, with some eyes peering out, is so clever. Ella painted the watermelon with the extremely happy face. 

Now I need more paint pens and some more large rocks. 

This picture popped up in my Facebook "memories" on the 19th, two years since I completed radiation. It's weird how at the time you think it is a date that will live infamy, but yet if Facebook had not reminded me, the day would have come and gone without me even thinking about it.
We attended Charlotte's first high school academic awards ceremony via zoom the other evening. The nice thing--it took a fraction of time as the names just scrolled up on the screen, and when it was over we continued with our dinner. So very proud of her accomplishment, the first of many.
Both of these are true.

Especially when I see people refusing to wear a mask...

And that's it for another week.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I love your travel trailer rock. Cute to have it by the front door. Congrats to Charlotte. Those days are so far behind us now but I do remember how long the ceremonies were. Masks is exactly why I don't go out much. I think it's partly because I just can't stand wearing one for long, but also because you can't see peoples' faces. It's like we've all become invisible and that's depressing.

Susan said... #

I love that saying about Monday! As I’m newly retired I totally get it! Your rock trailer is adorable! And is there anything more wonderful than daffodils signalling the beginning of Spring!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Rock painting is something I've always wanted to do but don't make it happen. Someone was painting large river rocks at the beginning of the pandemic and placing them along the walking path. They gave me much joy but other people thought they should take them home so no more painted rocks.

lkhomework said... #

It’s kind of wonderful that your bell-ringing anniversary isn’t memorable, it means to me that you’re not gripped by concern. Peace be with you, always!

Robby said... #

Those rocks are the bomb! How fun. How great that you've passed the two year mark post radiation, but even better that it has become a day that doesn't lurk in your mind stealing your enjoyment of life.

FlourishingPalms said... #

How fun that you can find so many entertaining things to do with your grandchildren. You make me wonder if my grandsons would sit still long enough to paint rocks. It's such a good craft idea, and the pictures and colors you-all used are just lovely. Yay for passing two years of completing radiation. The place I went didn't have a bell to ring, else I would have taken a picture too. Just visited my oncologist for my annual check-up, and after an "all's well," I breathe a sigh of relief. I try not to take for granted the good health I'm in once again. No doubt you feel the same.

OPQuilt said... #

I like what everyone already said. So go read them again, and now I'll add my .02:
Happy to hear about a new game to be played. Happy that you forgot your bell-ringer of an anniversary. Happy that you get to watch your grannddaughter "graduate" while eating a nice dinner. Happy to see those rocks--wow for Gabe and you! And Happy to close with some fun signs. (I also noticed that Mark doesn't have his beard anymore.) Happy Happy to you!!

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Ally Bergnaum said... #

I'm so inspired by the creativity in your family! The rock painting sounds delightful, and the game you played with Mark and the kids sounds like a blast. I need to try it with my own family. And congrats on Charlotte's academic achievements! Keep living that colorful life. 🌈🎨🥳