Thursday, April 29, 2021

Quilts and Classics: Kaleidoskop/1937 Ford

Here is it April 29 and I just realized that I never did a post on one of my most epic quilts ever, Kaleidoskop, photographed with an equally epic car, a gorgeous 1937 Ford.

This quilt was the last one to be photographed for the calendar and I knew that the vehicle choice and backdrop needed to be stellar. For years, I have passed this house on the way to see my good friend, Dotty. What I didn't know for a long time was that the owners were also collectors of classic vehicles. Dotty approached them with my calendar idea and they said I was welcome to not only use one of their cars but also photograph in front of their beautiful home with the circular driveway.

Our first choice was this beautiful 1938 Babe Ruth Nash. 

However, the brakes were not working on the day we chose to photograph. The owners offered to roll it out into the driveway but that made me really nervous. So instead we decided on the Ford. Actually, I think the gorgeous deep red was a better backdrop for the quilt and the home.

Kaleidoskop evolved slowly over the period of four years. The pattern was designed by Katja Marek and the blocks came from her book,  The New Hexagon. When it came to naming the quilt, I searched the word "kaleidoscope" in several different languages. I ended up with the German spelling, as Katja is German and it seemed like a way to honor her roots, and mine as well.

Although I had done a bit of English Paper Piecing before starting this quilt, I had never done anything more complicated than a few hexies, and I certainly had never actually finished a project.

At the time I began this quilt, I already had an extensive stash of fabric by Denyse Schmidt. I had never made a quilt with many different fabric lines from one specific designer, but decided this was the one. 

It all began with this little pie hexie.

This pink and orange medallion remains my favorite of the entire quilt.

Many of Denyse's fabrics lent themselves beautifully to "fussy" cutting, and I spent a lot of time choosing just the right fabrics for each medallion. Choosing the specific colors for each medallion was fun as well.

Along the way, as I always tagged Denyse in my Instagram posts, she asked a couple of times if I needed fabric from an upcoming line. You better believe I never turned down that offer! At the time of completion, I had at least one fabric from every single line she had designed to that point. And one time this block even made it on one of her videos for Free Spirit. 
I was able to get signatures from both Denyse and Katja--a very special part of the quilt.

And of course, various parts were photographed here and there. This is my favorite--Pismo Beach, California, technically where the city marked the sewer for some work to be done. But it seemed custom made for me. :)

Huntington Lake.

Of course, there had to be a beach shot too.


I have ongoing English Paper Piecing projects but this first fully completed quilt will always hold a special place in my heart.


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greeneggs said... #

Wow oh my gosh I can hardly express how much I love this quilt. Each of the hexies is magnificent. I love all the progress pic. Thank you so much for sharing details!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

This is such a favorite of mine!!! I've admired these quilts for so long and absolutely love yours. Your fabric choices and colors work so well. It's also very cool that Denise was tuned into your work. The photo shoot with the red car really was a great choice. Love all the shots you got. Honestly I'm jealous of people who have tackled and completed such major hand project. Maybe someday . . .

Jacqui's Quilts said... #

Oh wow! That is one spectacular quilt and I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of the old cars and home and esp the picture of the "sew" lol! Too funny. I actually have that hexagon book! I'm working on one of Willyne Hammerstein's designs right now, but maybe I'll get to this one next?

Aunt Marti said... #

Cindy, “epic” is certainly the correct label for this quilt! And what a great way to show off a myriad of fabrics from a single designer.

Cool Lizzie said... #

I always read and enjoy your blog posts, but rarely comment. Today I am impelled to as I've so enjoyed these photos - every single one is marvelous! Your quilt is outstanding, and I love that you've used the Denyse Schmidt fabrics (always a big fan of hers). We, too, love classic cars so seeing your quilts displayed with them is pure pleasure. Brava to you, Cindy, for your amazing work!! Thanks a million - your posts are a delightful bright spot in my life.

Robby said... #

Goodness, I'm glad this post didn't get skipped over. What an epic quilt, and those cars! Every shot more stunning than the last. I don't know that I'd have the stamina to finish a hand project of this size, but I can admire that in another. Well done!

OPQuilt said... #

Fun to get the backstory on this car/quilt combo, and such a great idea to get the signatures of both Denyse and Katja. Your quilt turned out beautifully--so much hand work! I couldn't remember if you'd cut off the crenelated edges, but that last picture looks like you did.