Thursday, October 28, 2021

Really Random Thursday, 10/28/21

The weather is finally cooling down here in the Central Valley. However, it is still not that cool.  True, the mornings are chillier, but it often get ups into the 70s by mid afternoon.

Sunday morning, we were at our favorite bagel shop. The temperature was 61 degrees. So sweatshirt weather, sure. However, we saw this person all bundled up. Puffer jacket, stocking cap, knit'd think it was already down in the 40s!

We left shortly after noon to head to Carmel on the coast. A massive rainstorm was predicted and we were meeting our dear friends, Russ and Ingrid, from Calgary. It did rain overnight in Carmel but Monday was a beautiful day. 

We drove along the coast in Pacific Grove and the waves where huge--we don't remember seeing waves like that in a really long time.

Waves normally break further out, but these were breaking right at the shoreline. And the water was so rough.

We drove into Capitola and walked around a little bit. Saw this sign on a restaurant window. I always wonder why signs like this are necessary. I guess because there are ridiculous people...

We had dinner at the Shadowbrook, a restaurant we enjoyed so much when we celebrated our anniversary there in June.

These flowers were outside the restaurant where we had breakfast Tuesday morning. I don't know what they are, but aren't they pretty?

We haven't been able to see Russ and Ingrid in two years because of the pandemic and it was wonderful to finally spend time together again.

Can you believe Halloween is just a couple of days away?!

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are part of the Grammar Police Society, you will appreciate this.

Raise your hand if the thought of lots of holiday gatherings make you feel like this...

Hope your weekend is a good one.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Ahhh . . . thanks for the ocean fix. It's been years since I've been to the coast. Glad you had time away and with friends. I wondered how you were effected by the rain/storm these past few days.

BAMM said... #

Hi Cindy, I would like to buy a set of Gabe's notecards. Please let me know how we can do this. Thanks, Bernadine

Cool Lizzie said... #

Snapdragons! Those lovely little flowers look like that to me (we have a large cutting garden, including snaps!)
Gorgeous ocean pics - I'm north, on the Washington coast!

Needledmom said... #

It’s a Nemesia or “garden snapdragon”. Looks like a great visit to the beach. The waves have been huge. Love the cute funnies!

lkhomework said... #

Yum, scallops!
I click on your blog posts the moment I see them, knowing I’ll get beauty, laughs, wisdom and goodness. ❤️

FlourishingPalms said... #

Oh my! Your ocean photos are stunning! I don't think those pictures were taken with a cell phone camera. They're too beautiful for that! You manage to find the funniest things to share. Maybe you-all are funnier in California than we are in Florida. Ha! That t-shirt is pretty cheesy. Ha!

OPQuilt said... #

So jealous that you were able to get to see those waves! We love that place and hardly ever get there—thank for taking us there. Love all the memes—especially the public service one of apostrophes. We should spread that far and wide. So glad you had a great time!