Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sew Together Bags #10 and #11

 A few months ago, Rachel from @citrusandmintdesigns put out a call for "Clementine Ambassadors" to help showcase her newest fabric line, Community. I filled out the questionnaire, not really holding out much hope. I was so surprised when she included me, had me choose a project and sent me the fabric. 

I chose to make a Sew Together Bag (pattern by Sew Demented) as it is a good way to use a lot of different fabrics in one project.

I chose these four for the outside of the pockets. 

I got overly excited to look at the inside of the pockets, but I forgot that I had shortened the zippers and slid the zipper pull completely off the tape of one of the zippers. Note to self: don't do that again! Thank you, YouTube, for a good video on how to get it back on!

My first thought for the exterior was to use the same print on the front and the back, with the only difference being addition of the cute selvage that includes all the information, and because I think you should always use a selvage when the opportunity presents itself. :)

Along the way I had the idea of making a patchwork for the back using a square from each fabric in the line--I'm so glad I went with that idea!

I think it turned out really cute.

Thanks, Rachel, for including me in your fabric showcase!

As long as I was making one Sew Together Bag, it's really nearly as easy to make another one at the same time. A good friend, Patty @soxtherapist, is doing a trade with me--she knits me a pair of socks and I make her a Sew Together Bag. Win-win.

I used the Purl line of fabric by Ruby Star Society, perfect for a lover of yarn.

The cute zipper pull is by Ruby Star Society as well--and the perfect color.

Have you every made a Sew Together Bag? If you do, I highly recommend the step-by-step tutorials at You will thank me. 


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Needledmom said... #

It’s really cute and the fabrics look great in it.

Charlotte M. said... #

Beautiful job. I have never made one, mostly because I don't think I would use it for anything. I have plenty of zip pouches that don't get used now. Your fabric selections are gorgeous.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Every time I see one of your sew together bags it's always so fun and full of scrappy goodness. Love how you added the selvage too. These bags are such a fun way to use lots of different fabrics. Perfect for showing off a new fabric line. It's a little visual treat to peek inside each compartment. Love mine so much!!!!

lkhomework said... #

I love making and using and giving Sew Together bags. So smart to use different color zippers, to help someone like me not have to hunt through every pouch!

OPQuilt said... #

(Quilt Barn….or you could refer them to my Mini Sew-Together Bag, which has all the instructions for assembly. If they have the dimensions for the larger bag, my pattern can help them put it together.)

I love this bag of yours, with all its special details: patchwork, selvage…you really excel at adding in all these carefully touches, making it one-of-a kind! Bravo!