Thursday, December 16, 2021

Really Random Thursday, 12/16/21

 A week ago, Aaron, Christa and Charlotte headed off to New York City. It began with Aaron and Christa's vigilance about the dangers of social media. They have made a deal with their kids: stay off of social media (anything that requires them to make a profile or isn't required by school) until their 15th birthday and they get $1500 to use for a trip with Mom and Dad. They can go anywhere they want, but the money has to cover travel and room for all three and any tickets to events. Charlotte, being the theater lover that she is, of course chose NYC.

The other three stayed with us while they were away. 

Their trip started with this photo taken by Aaron as they left Fresno.

We didn't do a lot while everyone else was playing in New York City (seeing the Rockettes and two Broadway musicals, along with all the other Christmas-y things that NYC has to offer). 

Mark made special breakfasts on Thursday and Friday. We ate as many meals around our small kitchen table as we could--Mark and I both agree that that is one of the best parts of having them stay here. The conversations are always so interesting.

While Mark took Levi to school (so he didn't have to get up quite so early to catch the bus), I dropped Ella and Gabe off on Thursday and Friday.

After school on Friday, Gabe, Ella and I stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate and a couple of games of Uno. 

I don't want to use the word "cheaters," but these two sure play around with the rules of the game, kind of making up or changing things as they go. :) But I'd play with them again any time. And next time, I'll make up my own rules!

Levi spent Friday night with his cousins because he is on a club water polo team and they had practice early Saturday morning. Mark was busy with basketball refereeing on Friday night. 

So Gabe, Ella and I went in search of Christmas lights. There has been a neighborhood that in past years has synchronized all the lights within several blocks with music. We headed for that neighborhood. I should have done more research. Apparently last year was the final year. And in fact, even without the music, not many of the houses were even decorated. Big disapponitment.

But we drove around the surrounding blocks and saw some pretty lights. And found one house that did have lights synchronized to music.

Saturday, Gabe went to a birthday party at the local ice skating rink, Levi was still at his cousins', Mark was refereeing more games, so Ella and I had a quiet day. 

But before I took Gabe to the party, he and Ella decided to do a little creative decorating in my sewing room with some gummy bears. 

In the evening we all went out for hamburgers. Everyone was tired, but I got them to walk to a large outdoor Christmas tree and let me take a picture.
They are growing so quickly. We cherish times like this and will grab them any time we can.

And as you are shopping, remember this:


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Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said... #

Looks like a fun time to spend with your family. That is a great idea for the social media. Wish I had known about it when my daughter was young. When I am on a plane, I can't recognize what is beneath me, so I am impressed that you were able to do it.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

You survived! I get a little glimpse into my future with grands when you post about yours. Their backpacks are huge for small people. They also play cards the same way Justin does. Making up rules as the game is in play. That's how Justin plays rummy. Have a Merry Christmas Cindy!!!

Needled Mom said... #

It looks like you had fun here as well as the group in NYC. YES...those meal conversations are the best!!!