Thursday, January 27, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 1/27/22

Mark and I have been sticking close to home as the surge seems to be raging on, so I feel like it's okay to have more than one day a week designated as Taco Tuesday. 

Our family never had much extra money when I was growing up and I was always kind of envious of my friends who owned an Easy Bake Oven. 

I have started working on a new English paper piecing project again. For those of you who do EPP and have tried the "flatback" stitch for working on curves, it does nothing but frustrate me. So I was ready to give up on this project. But my friend, Elizabeth (@occasionalpiecequilt) walked me through doing the whipstitch. It worked and I have renewed vigor to keep going now, with the goal of using up my precious Oakshott scraps and maybe even making 20 blocks. These fabrics are so beautiful. And SO hard to photograph.

Charlotte has a retro-looking record player, so when I saw this pattern for a pillow, I made it right away. Months ago...I finally finished it this week and it's so cute. 

I used one of the fun @kylieandthemachine labels that I received when a good friend gifted me the Kylie and the Machine advent calendar--new labels every day leading up to Christmas. There were so many fun labels. 
It made me happy when she posted it on her Instagram account. 

Speaking of retro, I laughed when I saw this.

Yes. Exactly. Hip hugger/bellbottom pants. Long hair parted down the middle.

My mother would have hated this dress that I made in college. Way too short. However, I loved it!

College yearbook picture.

These pictures always make me wonder what future generations will laugh at. Will skinny jeans look weird to them? 

When Rene' posted a picture of this mug in her @craft.table.orlando newsletter, I had to hunt one down. Thanks, Ebay.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I enjoyed each of these books. I probably won't be doing any formal book reviews. Seven Dirty Secrets and All Eyes on Her were both part of my favorite genre--a good suspenseful mystery. The Sentence takes place in Minneapolis in a small independent bookstore that is haunted by the store's most annoying customer. I have enjoyed all of Liane Moriarty's books, and Apples Never Fall did not disappoint. 

My brother, who owned many types of birds while growing up (homing pigeons, roller pigeons, parrots, etc.) told me once that he wanted to write a book about birds. I saw this one and thought it would give him a laugh.

Mark's brother, Pete, our sister-in-law Jane, and niece Rose are doing their annual snow sculpture in Idaho. It's always amazing to see what they create. I hope we can see it in person some year.

Are you playing Wordle? Considering that words were the biggest part of my career, first as an academic typist and then as a medical transcriber, I seemingly have more difficulty with those pesky five-letter words. On the days when Gabe is at our house, I make sure that I have played it first, and then he plays it on another device. He is very good at it and it's fun to compare the words we used to solve the puzzle. This was one of my good days. More often than not, it takes me five tries...

Have a good weekend.


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OPQuilt said... #

I love reading about Wordle, but haven't played it yet. It's fun to read about how much everyone loves it, but I don't need another thing to be compulsive about, as I already have too much going on that way in my life already.
Is that you and Mark? I love the scalloped hem on that mini-dress. Yes, we had more than a few conversations about hem length when I was at that stage of life. So fun to see you younger, although I like this version very much, too.
Glad you were able to charge through the EPP. It's going to be a beautiful quilt! (And can't believe I am first to comment!)

Rosemarie said... #

The hair style and jeans are back in style. I think more flarred and bootcut now, but the same look. You were cool, I bet your grandkids can't believe the styles are the same.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I sure remember that look from high school although I always had short hair. Fun to think about showing my kids photos like those and for them to think of me as a teenager. Too soon for the grand to consider that idea though. Your EPP is going to be fabulous with the Oakshott. Stick with it. I'm trying to gear up for a more productive quilting/scrapbooking year. Don't feel like I got much done last year.

Needled Mom said... #

Those oakshott blocks are beautiful. I got such a chuckle out of the vintage style photos. I know what you mean about the hem lengths. I look at some of my pics and can’t believe my folks let me wear such short dresses. 😂. I’ve not attempted Wordle yet. I’ve heard all about it, but don’t have the time right now.

FlourishingPalms said... #

You sure manage to touch on topics that are relevant to many of us. I learned EPP using the whip stitch, but tried switching to flat-back... and it didn't work for me. Love the block you've made! You're putting me in the mood to get back to my EPP which is a Prudence quilt - lots of small medallions to make. Your picture of grandmas in the 1960s sure made me smile. I dressed much as they did, though the long flowy hair never worked for me. Too curly. So I went with the Twiggy cut. Actually went to a barber shop to have it cut for $6! I loved wearing short skirts and dresses, and hot pants! Remember those?! I have a dimple in my right thigh, and the guys noticed it! Ha, ha! I wouldn't have recognized you from your sophomore photo. I just finished "Apples Never Fall," and agree that Leanne Moriarty does a great job. Thanks for the other title suggestions. And thanks for turning me on to Wordle! I love it. Actually guessed it in four this morning! :-)

Suzanne said... #

I had never heard of Wordle, but immediately went to the site to try it out! Love it!
Thank you! I don't know how I never heard of it before...
Fun post, I have some similar 70's photos somewhere!

French 75 said... #

Your blocks are fantastic. You have the best eye for combining those Kaffe stripes and Oakshott solids. Sew faster so I can see more!!