Thursday, February 10, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 2/10/22

Slow week. You get a meme dump from my phone. I think I can even break them down into themes.

Trying to get fit. (Side note: I keep thinking with all the extra time we have had at home since the beginning of the pandemic, I should be in the best shape of my life! Sadly, that does not seem to be the case.)

We will remember 2022 as the Year of Wordle:

If you sew, you know.

Are you spending your evenings watching the Olympics? Yes to this!

This one made me laugh out loud.

I'm married to a Spam lover. Maybe because he's from Minnesota, where they even have a Spam museum!

Something that's not a meme--This is book 2 in a series about an archeologist in the UK and the mysteries she helps to solve. I had read book 1 a year or so ago and enjoyed it. I guess I did not realize it was part of a series. I really enjoyed this one (listened on Audible), and as I love a good mystery series, I will keep going.  4+/5 stars.

I finished this one last night. I would rate it maybe 3+/5 stars. Mystery is my favorite genre and I'm not quite sure why I didn't like this one more than I did.

I took a zoom class on growing dahlias. Two years ago, Mark and I threw a bunch of unidentified tubers into the ground and ended up with some beautiful flowers. Last summer, after spending much time researching and carefully planting our dahlia bed, we got one tiny flower. In retrospect, we now know that our biggest error was planting too late (May 1 instead of some time in March), so our plants did not have time to get established before the temps got higher than 90 degrees. That, and we should have used shade cloth to shelter them from the many 100+ days we had last summer. This class (by Garden Bee) was packed with helpful information. Highly recommended. We have ordered all new tubers and are going to start afresh.  Fingers crossed.

Mark and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, although we have a tradition of going out for hamburgers in a nearby town and bring a little candle along for ambience. But if Mark were to ask what I wanted, this pretty much covers it.

I'll close with this. After school on Tuesday, Ella and Gabe decorated little Valentine's houses. I didn't take pictures of the completed houses (why not??). After they were done decorating, I "glued" them together with the remaining white frosting, and they took them home. 

I had mentioned to Christa I had never ever decorated a gingerbread house. So when I texted to ask her to kindly take pictures of the houses, she said they did not survive the ride home. I'm an inexperienced "builder" and they were clearly not up to code. But I think they had fun decorating them anyway, and I was able to take my own pictures yesterday when I dropped Levi off.  And maybe the best part is eating them. There is nutritional information on the side of the box. There are 20 servings in a house, each totaling 130 calories. I can think of better things to eat...

Happy weekend.


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Charlotte M. said... #

Can't wait to see your Dahlias this year! @hello.erikabea on Instagram grows the most beautiful Dahlias. You should check her out.

Elizabeth said... #

I have also enjoyed the Ruth Galloway series by Ellie Griffiths. You certainly learn a lot about Archeology and salt marshes.
By this point in my life I have learned that we can’t do everything. So maybe since you are an excellent quilter someone else can be the builder.
I enjoy your blog.

Cheryl said... #

those house never survive being move, regardless of holiday and builder experience! I love reading this on Thursdays, BTW! I live in Oregon, but grew up in Porterville so love the Valley references.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love all the memes today. Especially the sock one. Happy to learn of another books series too. I really enjoy reading books that are ongoing. Especially mystery ones. I tend to be a binge reader once I discover a new series. My current series is the Joe Pickett story by CJ Box.

Chris K. said... #

Must get yoga pants. Perfect description of me otherwise. Placed a hold at the library for Elly Griffiths #1. Thank you for the entertainment.

Robby said... #

Always a good read here. Yeah, those houses, I think supply chain issues might have meant you got inferior materials. (cough) They are ridiculously hard to do well, and I seem to remember my hands hurting from trying to squeeze out so much frosting so the little people could decorate with candy. At least the part they didn't eat. I'm talking to my trainer about that instituting a drop off program at our gym. Seems like the membership would increase dramatically.

Edna said... #

Love the memes today and always but you really have some good ones today.
Funny story - my friend figured all the kids wanted off the gingerbread house was the candy so she glue gunned them together!!! I have certainly had trial and error getting mine together over the years. I used to ice them the night before with that royal icing and used large cans to hold them up and they stuck very well.
One year we made a particularly large one and I decided to keep it - wrapped it loosely in plastic and put it on a shelf in the basement. We have a drain hole in our basement and discovered a mouse was in the house and had eaten 1/2 of it before we knew it! So fun to have these memories!
I also want to say how much I admire all you with your children and as a family. Best wishes, Edna

Needled Mom said... #

I’ll bet the kids had fun with the houses. We leave our dahlias in the ground year round so they come up when their supposed to. 😉