Wednesday, February 9, 2022

WIP Wednesday


Block 4 of the Riley Blake Designs 2022 block challenge: Tulip by Jill Finley of @jillilystudio.

I completed the Deco quilt top designed by Brittany Lloyd of Lo and Behold Stitchery. I really like Brittany's patterns. They are well written and look harder to make than they actually are. I don't usually like working with a kit of fabrics chosen by someone else, but Brittany's choice of colors for this one was stellar.

I made another Double Ruby Ring block. This has proven to be the perfect project to work on while watching the Olympics in the evening. 

I'm happy Michelle likes it. :)
And finally, I began something I've never done before.  Well, two things actually.

1. I've never made a scrap quilt. I have made quite a few "scrappy" quilts, but that fabric is pulled from my stash. I end up making scraps that go in my bin but I've never used said scraps to make a quilt.

2. I've never made a pineapple block quilt. I ordered the foundation paper pieces from Amber Johnson of @gigisthimble, went through all my scraps, separating the larger ones in three piles by value--light, medium and dark--because I also want to make a Plaidish quilt by @kitchentablequilting. The strips went into this paper bag and I will randomly pull them out. The center square will be the red and white polka dot, and the "background" will be the other fabric. I started last night and I can already tell you, making a pineapple block takes a loooooong time! I'll be happy to have even one completed block to post next week. :) It was such fun going through my scraps. I found lots of favorite fabrics in my packed-to-the-brim container. And a lot of mysterious fabrics that I must have acquired from other people. 

Til next week...


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Charlotte M. said... #

Hi Cindy! Busy Busy you! We have just moved into our new apartment on Tuesday and I am starting to set up my sewing room. I have the papers for the pineapple quilt, now I just have to find the fabric and the time to sew. lol

amy smart said... #

That Deco quilt is stunning! I've been so intrigued by that pattern - so unique and original - which is hard to do in the quilting world! You've inspired me to try one. I love yours so much!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Did you cut your bag of a raps all into 2” strips? That saves time.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Your Double Ruby Ring blocks are my favorites, and I already know that's gonna sew into a gorgeous quilt. Really, you've never made a scrap quilt? No "Scrap Vortex" by your friend?! That's one of my favorite quilts to make... just grab from scrap bins and randomly sew together. Your Pineapple block will certainly be fabulous, but I've heard from other quilter how time-consuming it is, so I already know it's not for me. Hope you have lots of fun with it!

Robby said... #

Your very top picture made this carpenter's daughter (and quilter) laugh. I've got too many irons in the fire, but I may still start that pineapple quilt since Amber is making it such a long SAL. She did say one block takes her a long time, even after all this time.