Thursday, March 10, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 3/10/22

 A few years ago, Christa took what I consider to be the best photo EVER of me. I would use no other photo than this for the rest of my life if I could get away with it.

But the aging process is unstoppable. And then thanks to COVID I couldn't get to the hairdresser for nearly a year. Right before COVID, she and I had discussed what my "real" color would be. Of course I found out. My red hair has always been my favorite feature, which is why I tried keeping it for so long, even though it required frequent professional maintenance. But now that it has pretty much grown out and is so much lighter, I'm okay with it. Anyway...I had Christa come over and take some new photos. I'm happy with all of them, but this is my favorite.

If you obsess over spelling...

Charlotte has been rehearsing for what seems like months for the school play. Some days have been so long--she leaves at 6:45 a.m. and gets home at 10 p.m. We finally got to see the result of all her hard work on Saturday night. 

She had a solo (but we were not allowed to take any photos during the performance) and wears the cutest Little Red Riding Hood costume. She did an outstanding job. 

Stacie was here for the weekend to see the performance as well.
This weekend we will go to the understudy performance--Charlotte is the understudy for one of the lead characters. It's a big part and I'm sure she will do a wonderful job. 

During the basketball season, Mark has been working at the scorer's table. He worked tournament games over the weekend--and even had to get dressed up. That is always worth documenting!

For parents with kids at home:

Books I finished in the past week, and I enjoyed them both.


Our dahlia tubers just arrived this week and we will be preparing the soil for planting this weekend. I wonder if I should have ordered these as well:
Finally, let's compare and contrast.

These are flowers I saw on my walk yesterday.

This was a picture from Mark's brother, Pete, in Driggs, Idaho, this morning.

I don't even think I need to explain this.

Until next week...


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Charlotte M. said... #

The flowers are beautiful. Spring is just beginning here. Daffodils, crocus,tulip trees, Bradford pears and I just saw my first redbud tree the other day. I do love spring in the south. I am so impressed with Charlotte's talents. They seem endless.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Charlotte is an amazing young person. She will do well in life with all her talent. I'm jealous of the flowers from your walk. All I see is white out the window. Next week in the 60s followed by snow. Same forecast week after week until May. uggg. The i before e meme is so funny and right in line with a conversation I just heard yesterday on the radio.

Chris K. said... #

I wish my gray looked like that. You don't look any older with the lighter hair.

Amy Friend said... #

I love your new picture and agree with the previous poster that you do not look any older! How did you pull that off?

Robby said... #

I love the new look, but changes like that take a little time to get used to don't they? I wonder how many hair stylists have decreased income post the pandemic due to people who have gone to a more "natural" look. Also, I owe you a picture and QuiltCon was a bit of a bust for that. I took some selfies while waiting for my dentist appointment today and I don't even look scared. Ha, ha. I'll send one soon. Meanwhile, I might be coveting your spring, snow and frigid temps the last few days here, but it is the time of year our weather turns on a dime.

Doris said... #

LOL! The gas station meme is a great place to end! *mic drop*

I am jealous of your flowers... and if my gardens were closer to the sidewalk where people could see them I would absolutely put up those plant tags!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Both pictures of you are just lovely. Yes, you've changed; I like your lighter hair color. I can see that you've lost weight too. It shows in your face. Hope you are feeling well, taking that drug. How fun to be attend your granddaughter's activities. That's wonderful. As for flowers, ours are looking pretty nice too, though we got down to 36F last night! I'm smiling about all our spring-breakers who are wondering, "What the heck?!" But maybe they think 36F is warm, compared to where they come from. :-) You always find the funniest funnies. Thanks for sharing!

OPQuilt said... #

Congrats to Charlotte for balancing both her love of the dramatic arts and her heavy load of school work. What a wonderful gal!
Re: your photos. They are both you, and I love them both. (Didn't know you'd cut your hair!)
We have some of the same flowers. Our Chinese fringe has come out strong right now, too. I need to just go sit in the garden and enjoy them all--thanks for the reminder.