Thursday, March 31, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 3/31/22

 This will be super short, just two books I finished this week, which brings my total for March to seven. 

I continue to enjoy the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths. I enjoy all the characters and the forensic archeology thread that runs throughout all the books is quite fascinating.

The Rose Code gets all the stars for this month. I have always been fascinated by the women who worked as decoders during World War II in Bletchley Park, having to keep their work a top secret from everyone they knew. The book is twice as long as most books I read, 623 pages, but it kept me captivated. The author has woven fictionalized versions of real people in a believable way. For example, Prince Phillip, who has a romantic relationship with one of the main characters named Osla (and did have a relationship with a woman named Osla in real life before marrying the future queen of England) had three sisters who married Nazi officers and was estranged from them. I'm fascinated by the Enigma machines and spent a lot of time googling how they worked--never did quite figure it out. I highly recommend this book and will be looking at other books by Kate Quinn.

While we were in Disneyland, Gabe was playing baseball. He got hit in the face (twice) and now has a black eye. But apparently he did a great job at pitching. And his team won.

First roses of the year, my all-time favorite, Double Delight. And how fun to have them in this Botanist liquor bottle.

Oh...and the dahlias have been planted. Fingers crossed for better luck than last year.

That's it for this Thursday. Off to do some more reading...


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Needled Mom said... #

Ouch. That could not have felt good. Glad they won. Good luck with the dahlias. That vase is perfect for your Double Delights.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I enjoy your book reviews and have added the Ruth Galloway series to my reading list. I still prefer physical books that I can hold and turn the pages. Since I mostly only read at bedtime, I don't make nearly the progress as those who listen or read more often but it's a daily pleasure. Wishing you success with your dahlias this year. They are such pretty flowers. We're still a good 6-8 weeks or more from any planting. I usually wait till the end of May.