Wednesday, March 30, 2022

WIP Wednesday: 3/30/22

 I got a new Lands End catalog the other day, the "home goods" version. They now have quilts for sale:

I love Lands End. A majority of my clothes come from Lands End. Yet, I'm not sure how I feel about this. The king-sized versions cost less than $400! If you have made a king-sized quilt, you know that using high quality fabric is not cheap. Factor in batting and backing, and if you have it quilted by someone else, you are probably shelling out $800 to $1000. And that doesn't include the time it takes to actually make the quilt. 

This is how they describe the quilts:

The secret is in the stitches. 

At Lands' End, we like to think quilts are more than just comfy. In many ways, they’re symbolic. They take individual pieces of fabric and bring them together – making them stronger, cozier and altogether homier. Not unlike a family. And, indeed, they often become family heirlooms, passed down to the next generation. We stitch every Lands’ End quilt with warmth and careSo you can settle in, snuggle up and get comfy. For seasons to come. 


I made more blocks for the quilt I have named Jettstream. I'm pretty happy with the moody Amish vibe of the blocks.

Today I finished the latest block in the Riley Blake block challenge. This is Wind Blown designed by Amy Smart of @diaryofaquilter. I like this one a lot. Not surprising--I like pretty much anything designed by Amy. :)

March Monthly Report:
Used up/donated: 43.25
Brought in: 9
Net: -34.25
Year to date: -88.00 yards

And that's it for this week.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love the moody vibe of your Amish blocks. I have very few darker solids. I'm with you on a big name store selling "quilts" that aren't really quilts as we know them. Not long ago I noticed Another big home store doing the same thing with modern style quilts. It devalues true handmade quilts like we make. I also hate when they use the phrase "handmade" because while technically it might be true they are still mass producing in multiples. That's not at all the spirit of handmade.

PNW Quilts said... #

I have thought about your article on the commercial made quilts and their prices. I agree, there's no way a 'hand made' quilt would be able to be sold for those low prices, even if you got the quality fabric at cost, let alone honoring the quilter with the appropriate cost of their talent and time. It is a work of art and love. As so many artists and craftsmen have found out, you 'create' because it is 'in you'. Hopefully, people will see and value the art and work you put into it, and that you can make a living from your craft. It is disheartening when a big company can mass produce something and it kinda 'devalues' the Real item, whether it's a quilt, weaving, knit, painting, pottery or other hand crafts. Then you wonder if the company item was made by people at a low wage, how sad. Anyway, I have some mixed opinions on such things, but I'll stop here. I hope we are not discouraged but keep creating for the love of it and for those that appreciate 'hand work'.
Your designs and color choices are glorious! I love the nod to the Amish color palette and the prints are so well put together! Well Done!

Needled Mom said... #

BUT....we know the difference. Most non quilters have no idea. I love that yellow Hunter's Star. I must say that I do have an old store bought quilt and it is so well worn and cozy now that the kids love snuggling up in it. Your Amish blocks are so pretty.