Thursday, April 21, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 4/21/22

 I enjoyed these big billowy clouds on one of my walks last week.

And though you can't really see them, for the first time (that we know of, anyway) we had yellow finches on the seed sock in the back yard.

Easter was a lovely day. The service at church was very good, and like last year, they had a photo op location set up.

Grandkids and friends. I love that they have known these kids all their lives.

We had our traditional Easter lunch of crepes, just the eight of us again this year. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Easter egg hunting...

This year all the candy was something other than chocolate--Starburst minis, Jelly Belly gummies, sour patch strips...after all the small eggs were filled, there was still  some left over and I didn't want it around the house (I have no willpower...and I don't even like fruit-flavored candy!). Then I remembered I have goose egg sized plastic eggs, so I divided all the left overs into four eggs, one for each.

Time for a little bit of baseball.

I thought this was funny. All four kids will be spending a couple of nights with us this weekend so will this come true?

Til next week...


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Those clouds look very painterly. Lovely Easter pics and table setting too. Crepes sound quite yummy. I laughed at the sleeping meme. If only we could get Ollie to nap when he comes to our house. So far it doesn't work very well unless he's asleep in the car seat when he arrives. But he's just 7 months and oh so cute.

Patty said... #

I love reading your posts. You have so many wonderful family traditions.

FlourishingPalms said... #

I sure love that picture of the clouds! Were you able to get such a nice photo with your cell phone?! Mine doesn't take pictures THIS good! Love the photo backdrop your church prepares for Easter. What a thoughtful thing to do. I also can't help but admire your Easter table, set with all those lovely Fiestaware pieces. I'm a big Fiestaware fan too. Give me all the colors, right? I'm glad you and your family could share the holiday with one another. What a blessing.