Thursday, June 16, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 6/16/22

 Our first dahlias started opening. I'm not sure what the intense heat will do to them. We put a shelter of shade cloth over them this year so fingers crossed that we will have many more blooms.

I picked Charlotte up from school last week and we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Jack's Urban Eats.

Their garlic fries are my favorite.

I love spending time with this girl so much.
You can tell she has an Instagram account--she likes to document her food choices. :)
Regarding meals...

Grace, the daughter of one of our good friends, Jason and Jane, had her graduation party last week. We have known her since she was little. In fall, she is off to Berkeley. I know there are big things in store for her future.

I'm pretty sure I have posted this word before. Some days there seems to be a lot of spuddling going on around here.

My dear friend, Elizabeth ,knows I'm a word nerd. I love all the quotes she uses in her inspiring blog posts. So imagine my surprise when this book showed up in the mail the other day. I hope to make good use of it, although I already know it will be hard to match her level of expertise when it comes to quotations. 

Mark and I visited my father the other day. It was good to spend some time with him.

If you are a quilter, photos of a quilt in use can just make your day. Thanks, Stacie!

This gave me a much-needed chuckle.

That's it for this week. 


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

Those garlic fries look amazing! It sounds like you had some really nice time getting to visit and celebrate this week. And I can't wait to share spuddle with my husband, I'm sure it's going to be a word we keep in our vocabulary.

Robby said... #

Looks like you and Charlotte had a delicious lunch. That pizza plan works for me, although I could start with breakfast as long as there were no anchovies! I'll need to share that cartoon with my dad, the retired science/math teacher. Until next time, I'm off to spuddle.

LynnJ in Wis said... #

Well the food pics were enough to send me but "spuddle" put me over the top. Thanks for making me laugh. The only problem is - it's so true!

Anonymous said... #

Those fries sound so good they are making me hungry. I'd forgotten the word spuddle but relate so so much to the meaning. It describes most of my days quite well. And as usual, the last meme made me laugh out loud.

OPQuilt said... #

Glad you liked your book--I've been using mine a lot this week; it's nice to have around. Your dahlia and beautiful, and yes, I hope the heat doesn't fry them up.
Spuddle is word you should bring up many times, because we are all spuddling and won't remember it. Great post!

zarina said... #

Hi - I am just a novice watercolor painter but I do love to keep on practicing to hone my skills.

I fell in love with your first photo and I would like to ask permission if I can paint it.

If you're ok with it, that will be my next subject.

Thanks in advance.