Thursday, June 2, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 6/2/22

 Hello, June!

Another slow week, at the same time it seems like weeks are flying by.

I achieved a milestone finally had to take a COVID test. Unbelievably, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have never had to get tested. The result of being at home a lot, I suppose. One of the grandkids tested positive last week and I had spent a few hours together, so I waited five days and did the test on Sunday. And fortunately, said grandchild has felt relatively well.

I have done more reading in the month of May than I ever have in a single month.

I'm very sad to be caught up on the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths--I think the next volume drops at the end of this month. I have enjoyed it immensely and am now looking for another series to take its place. 

The Marriage Lie was very good, as is most anything by Lisa Jewell. Linda of @flourishingpalms recommended The Girl in the Mirror and I recommend it as well. Felicity of @felicityquilts recommended Twice Shy and it is a very easy to read book with an interesting story line. My two favorites of the month without a doubt were The Maid and Rock Paper Scissors, both mysteries. Rock Paper Scissors has a great twist toward the end and I would kind of like to re-read it. The two books that disappointed me were by authors of some of my favorite books--Jojo Moyes and Anne Rivers Siddons. I think these are each worth reading but they are not my favorites by these authors.

Speaking of books. One of my favorite activities is a trip to the bookstore with this one.

I saw these flowers the other day on my walk around the neighborhood. The scorching temperatures are right around the corner, but the one thing I love about Fresno is that something is always in bloom.

This mimosa tree is huge!
African daisy "whirligig"
Gladiolas are one of my favorite flowers.
Iris dietes
And that is it for this week.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I haven't needed to take a Covid test yet either. Being mostly a homebody has it's advantages I guess. Thanks for your book recommendations. I'm close to finishing the Joe Pickett series and will be looking for a new one soon myself. I highly recommend the Louise Penny Inspector Gemache series. I really like all the characters.

Robby said... #

Just before reading this post I was checking my PCR test results online. We went to see family (after three years) for a graduation. Day after we returned I got a Covid exposure notice (welcome home!). Fortunately, after two tests, it appears that my boosted booster and diligent mask wearing during travel did their job. Glad you also escaped the Rona. Our poor trees and flowers can't decide what to do. It was almost 90F the day before we left, it snowed while we were gone, warmed up for our return and we've been in the 50s and 60s the last couple days. Just crazy.

Charlotte M. said... #

That last flower is a yellow iris dietes. I looked it up.

Charlotte M. said... #

The flower after the Mimosa was hard to find, but it is an African Daisy "whirligig"

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

MANY more books than I've read this month. Though I listen to many when I'm sewing. They all look interesting. Inspector Gamache is a good series by Louise Penny The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon hooked me in many years ago. Those books are so long that it takes a month or more to read one and that's okay because it takes her years to write it. I took my first Covid test this week, too. Grandson had been hacking and we'd been spending time together. All okay.

OPQuilt said... #

I just typed a long comment and it got eaten (It happened on the last comment, but I retyped it). Thank you, Charlotte, for naming the beautiful photos your grandmother took of lovely flowers. Dave often shoots similar flowers and now we have the name.
Bravo to you for all those books--glad to have their titles and your assessment.