Thursday, August 18, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 8/18/22

 Well, we did it. Much to our disappointment, we gave up on our dream of having a dahlia garden full of gorgeous flowers. 

It is just TOO HOT in Fresno. We read all the suggestions and tried to follow them--this year we added shade cloth overhead. But to no avail. The other day, Gabe and I pulled them all out. Out of nearly 30 plants, this was the best we got. And lest you think the top one is a nice big bloom. Nope. Only 2 1/2" across.

Next year we have decided on lantana. It has a lot of showy blossoms and takes the full heat and sun with no problems.

We had an abbreviated version of Wiens Art Camp last Friday, this time including Ruby and Amelia as well.  We had so much fun. 

I have always been intrigued by cyanotype fabric (it comes in a paper version as well) so I ordered 30 sheets from Amazon.

The procedure is to lay objects on a sheet of the fabric and set it out in the sun. The fabric changes color from dark green to lighter green around the object. Then you rinse the fabric in water and it turns this beautiful shade of blue. The kids gathered objects from everywhere in the house: buttons, pasta, cookie cutters, goldfish crackers, lawn ornaments, leaves, flowers. Literally anything will work. 
It only takes 10-15 minutes before it is ready to rinse.

It was such fun and they got so creative.

Ruby picked a rose and laid it on the fabric. 

Goldfish crackers and a quilting ruler

I'm not sure what we will do with them--I might make some zipper pouches.

The next camp counselor was Mark, who was prepared with a fused glass project.

He had a variety of glass scraps, both plain and dichroic, and 4" squares of clear glass. They could use whatever pieces they chose and make two projects.

He taught them how to glue the pieces to the clear glass so they didn't shift.

He has now fired them once to get them fused and flat like this, and then fired them a second time to "slump" them into a gentle curve. It was a great project for this group.

When we asked Ella what kind of art project she was interested in, she immediately said "Slip 'n Slide." Okay, not technically an art project. But it was a hot afternoon and by then the kids were ready to release some energy.

Mark and I are avid fans of America's Got Talent. The other night a comedian was on, a techie guy, who was really funny. I need to pass this on to Aaron, our optometrist son, for possible changes in how they advertise their eye group. Haha. By the way, he's currently in Guatemala this week with Enfoque Ixcan, a nonprofit organization which provides eye care to a remote jungle region. I love his heart for doing this kind of work.

Saturday night, Central Valley Justice Coalition (where Christa works) had a fundraiser. 
 It was in the coolest venue downtown, with live music.

And glow sticks on the tables. Lots of glow sticks.

The kids all started school on Monday. (The following five photos were taken by Christa)

Sigh. They are growing up so quickly.

Junior in high school
Freshman in high school 
Fifth grade 
Third grade 
These four go to the same school. Ella and Amelia are in the same classroom, and Ruby and Gabe are in the same classroom. Christa has them each pegged exactly when she wrote this: "One more of the elementary crew, who struck gold this year by being placed in the same classrooms! Ruby said to Gabriel, 'I'm always going to be rooting for you, but I'm also going to try to crush you,' which Gabe felt put his sentiment into words nicely. Most likely Ella is looking around the room skeptically, figuring out who she can trust and who will stab her in the back, while Amelia leads the parade."
These kids are just the best and I love them all so very much.

But I still wish they would stop growing...
My thoughts exactly (as I head toward a big milestone birthday...)

Speaking of which...I went to see my father yesterday. I got a call last week that somehow he had gotten his electric shaver and shaved half of his hair off. I wasn't sure what he would look like today. The staff apparently finished the job for him.  Actually, I think this suits him just fine, and I hope they keep his head shaved. 
And now he matches his son and grandson.

Mark begins the football season with his crew this week. And Friday's temperature is supposed to be a whopping 106 degrees. Yikes. (That's Mark in the back left). This is the time of year where I look for lots of TV shows to binge.

Is it hot where you are? 


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

It has been quite warm where we are, but the evenings are nice and cool which balances things out enough for me. Oh my goodness, your father looks dapper with his head shaved! And what a wonderful camp you had. Looks like a really wonderful week! <3

Marie said... #

75' and possibly rain in southern Minnesota! It's rained everywhere but in Nicollet County -- keeping our fingers and toes crossed and doing our rain dances ...

Anonymous said... #

(I just want you to know I was a good girl and logged in properly, but Blogger just hates me. It happens everywhere.)
This was a fun post, and I loved your sign about old people. It always catches my husband by surprise when I remind him that we are old. And speaking of old--your grandkids all grew up! I can't believe how big they all are.
And of course, your art camp is the best. I want to come next year! Thanks for a fun post.

Anonymous said... #

P.S. That was me, Elizabeth