Thursday, October 20, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 10/20/22

 We have been doing some cosmetic changes to our main bathroom in the last few weeks. New shower curtain and towels, took down a picture and added the two shelves. But the biggest upgrade was adding a frame to the builder-grade mirror that is original to the house (built in the late 1960s). I had seen multiple ads on Instagram from a company called Frame My Mirror. They made it look so simple. Lots of frame choices, glue the ends and hammer in little things to hold the frame together and then take off the industrial tape and just attach it to the mirror. 

So I chose a very simple black frame. Their website is very clear about measuring but I had a question about the brackets that were existing. Their customer service was excellent so I placed my order. Our mirror is 5' x 2' so we assembled it on the worktable in the garage. They include little cardboard place markers (not sure what to call them) that you attach to your mirror temporarily so you can make sure the frame is in the right place and level. Then remove the tape and voila. Instant upgrade. Not sure why it took me so long to hit the order button! The light fixture is also original and I have always really liked it--kind of retro. The base was originally chrome and the two round things (also not sure what to call them) were kind of rusty chrome. So I painted them both black and now I'm super happy with the light fixture as well. All that to say, if you are looking to do a mirror upgrade, I highly recommend Frame My Mirror!

Mark and I were watching TV the other night and guess who popped up on the screen. Charlotte! She is in the fall play that opens this weekend (she is the one on the right with the curlers). It's a murder mystery called "Just Like Gravy, the Plot Thickens." Haha.

Speaking from many years of experience. You can also add Costco to the same list.

So a little story about the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Our driver's licenses were both up for renewal this year, Mark's in August and mine next month. Mark received his notification first with the instructions to register online, pay the fee, and then come in for a written knowledge test. Ugh. It's really hard to navigate the website to get an appointment, and he ended up making a phone call instead. He was told that until the end of December, anyone 70+ does NOT have to come in to take a written test; just pay your fee online and you are good to go. Even though the paperwork said a test was required. Something to do with exposure to COVID.

When I received my notification, it all said the same thing. I went through the same drill. I registered online and paid my fee. Then I called to double check on not needing to come in to take the written test. I was told that since I didn't turn 70 until the day my license was scheduled to expire, I didn't fall under the 70+ exemption. My option was to come in and take the test, or wait until my actual birthday, come in and NOT take the test. Or something like that. It was really confusing. My birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, so no thanks.

I read the entire driver's manual. I took every sample test I could find. I spent hours getting ready for this test. Yesterday afternoon I went in. The person who checked me in said, "Why are you here? You don't need to take a test because you qualify for the 70+ exemption." I said, "I'm not 70 yet." She said, "I still think you don't have to take the test. But go ahead and wait until your number is called, get your vision test, take your photo and then come back to me." So I wait to be called. The guy who helped me was really nice.
Him: Why are you here?
Me: Because my paperwork said I needed to take a written test.
Him: Nope. You have already registered and paid online. You are done.
Me: No vision test?
Him: No.
Me: No photograph?
Him: No. Just wait for your license to arrive in the mail.
Me: Wow. You guys really make things confusing. But YAY that I don't have to take the test. 

Although I'm kind of bummed, because I spent so much time trying to memorize which way to turn my wheels going uphill and downhill, with a curb and without. I always get confused. I even had to make myself a mnemonic, you know, one of those nonsense words to help you remember. And then in the end I didn't even need to use it. But I think I will always remember which way to turn my wheels!

Do you watch Ted Lasso? We love that show! (although they could do with a few less  F bombs...). This quote really made me laugh. Although I don't think Aaron is nuts. Just saying...

We turned the corner in our neighborhood the other day and there was a vulture on someone's lawn!

Mark also took a picture of the vulture doing what vultures do--eating something dead, probably a squirrel. But I'll spare you that photo.

That's it for this week. I'm off to a quilting retreat in the mountains. 


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Joanne in Massachusetts said... #

Wow, that new frame really does make a big difference.
Enjoy your retreat.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

My husband and I have our licenses expire this year as well. Me first. Because we moved, I had to go into the DMV. Once there, I got the same run around that you did and they were a bit exasperated I didn't just pay and renew online. "But I have a change of address?" "Doesn't matter." Right... Anyway, we'll have that same fun conversation with my husband next month, I'm sure. They certainly aren't making it easy or clear!

Your framed bathroom mirror looks wonderful, by the way!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Your bathroom looks great with the updates. It's always so fun to refresh simple things and have a new feeling about living spaces. I think it's why I continue to make seasonal changes in the kitchen/family room area. Now I'm considering enlarging a quilt I'm working to a queen size so i can have a master bedroom update. Government . . . Ugg . . . they never make anything easy.

OPQuilt said... #

The mirror looks terrific! Way to go.

Okay, here's my DMV/license renewal story: I renewed online, no test, just pay the money. I wanted to make sure my voting affiliation was the one I wanted, so I checked one of their boxes about that. That next day, my ballot in the mail arrived, so filled that out and sent that off a couple of days later. THAT NEXT DAY, I get a new ballot in the mail--seems the DMV/Voter people registered me twice. Yes, I'm one of THOSE voters. Kidding. I won't turn in my ballot, but will take it down tomorrow to the voting people to see what's up, and to make sure my original ballot counts!