Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Flower Shop

  So long ago, 2008, I was part of a 1930s reproduction fabric block exchange with friends from church. We used a really great pattern booklet by Terri Atkinson called Confetti in the Corner. Each block had the same components but depending on how you assembled the blocks, they could look entirely different from each other. It really was genius and I have often thought it would be fun to make a solids version.

We each made extra blocks, and someone assembled them together for a quilt for the MCC charity quilt auction. So many years ago...

I never had an idea of how to put my blocks together, which is why it took so long to put the quilt top together. I had 13 blocks (because I had a duplicate of the block I had made). And then I saw this beautiful quilt by Mendy Slone, using 13 blocks, and knew I had found the setting for my quilt.

I am not proficient in applique, so I used some foundation paper pieced patterns by my friend, Amy Friend (@duringquiettime). The flowers were various sizes but I had plenty of the green solid fabric and was able to fill in the negative space to make it work. 

For the backing, I had some panels by Cori Dantini in my stash called The Makers. They were really cute but I had never quite known what to do with them. They were the perfect colors for this quilt. 
Most of these women no longer go to our church for various reasons, so this quilt is a special one for me.
I had initially thought I wanted some kind of flower design for the quilting, but Darby thought that might "fight" all the pots of flowers so she suggested something swirly. I'm glad she did. 

We were in San Luis Obispo (central coast of California) in early November, and while eating lunch I noticed this little flower shop across the street. I had already named the quilt Flower Shop, so what could be more perfect?!

Mark's brother, Scott, took some behind-the-scenes photos.

I was happy that Amy seemed to like the photo op as well , because it was her patterns that really made the quilt special.

Quilt: Flower Shop
Block pattern: Confetti in the Corner by Terri Atkinson, with foundation paper pieced flower patterns by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time
Quilt top pieced by: Cindy Wiens
Size: 52" x 62"
Quilted by: Darby Myers


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Such a clever way to use the blocks. I love the addition of the flower blocks to tie it all together. The flower shop is the perfect photo location.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

What a great way to set the blocks and I love the additional details you added using Amy's delightful patterns. The photo shoot in the flower shop is the icing on the cake for sure. Congratulations on finishing up those blocks and turning them into this stunning quilt. I hope the quilt gives you fond memories of the women who were in your church and part of the swap every time you see it.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

What a wonderful way to put those blocks together. Sometimes it is worth the wait for the right inspiration to make it happen. Each block is beautiful and such a warm reminder of the friends you knew at the time. I love the behind the scenes shots too. And that wonderful flower/garden shop made the perfect setting. Congratulations on another finish.

Scott Wiens said... #

OBTW it's the people behind the scene ( I mean quilt) that make you look good.