Saturday, November 5, 2022

Quilts by the Water: Third Time's a Charm, Pigeon Point Light Station, California

 Oh, the story behind this quilt. 

Years ago, Dotty Warkentine and I took a class together called Hidden Wells. Each of us thought we had an idea of what color scheme and fabrics we wanted. But when we went to purchase our fabric, the owner at that time told us we didn't know what we were doing, and chose our fabric for us!!

Purple and red is not what I had planned. So then I decided I would make and gift this quilt to my brother. 

Design wise--not bad. Color--not a fan. 

It sat hidden for years, not in a well as the pattern name suggested, but hidden nonetheless. My plan had been for a braided border, and I made slow progress, only to get discouraged and put that in a drawer as well.

Years later, inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, who had cut up a quilt and made a double wedding ring, I decided to do the same thing--cut it up! My brother never knew I had made the quilt top for him so he was none the wiser.

Chop, chop, chop.

My plan was to add solids to tone it down. No matter what I tried, nothing was working.

I even called in some extra help. But still nothing worked. Back in the drawer it went.
And then I took a class by Tara Faughnan.  I discussed my dilemma. She suggested I try again, maybe using the blocks as the basis for color choices rather than actually using the chopped up blocks. 
I tried some of the chopped up fabric in the center but it didn't work either. So I ultimately went with all solids.

All of a sudden I was enjoying the process. 

Yet, I knew I had to incorporate some of the original quilt somewhere--it was part of the back story. so that's exactly where it went--the back. 

This was my first attempt. Horrid.

I finally settled on this and I'm happy with it.

We took it along on a trip in the Santa Cruz area and photographed it at a lighthouse.

It took awhile to get here, but it is now one of my favorite quilts. I had originally wanted to name it Broken Engagement, but I think Third Time's a Charm is just perfect.

Title: Third Time's a Charm
Pattern by: Tara Faughnan
Date Completed: 2021
Size: 68" x 68"
Quilted by: Darby Myers


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

Oh my goodness, I have had an experience where a shop owner has done that to be before, too, and I just walked out of the store. I'm so glad you persevered and the actual finished quilt is glorious!

Charlotte M. said... #

I was stunned that a shop owner would say you don't know what you're doing and override your fabric choices. I agree with Yvonne. I would have walked out. You final quilt is stunning though, Cindy. So glad you ended up where you did with it.

FlourishingPalms said... #

It's stunning, Cindy! I love, love, love your Third Times...! I love the colors, and agree that it works because of the solids. Still, what has become of all those pieced-and-cut-up fabrics? Will you ever make something with them? I have a large quilt top that I improv-pieced. It's in a closet, ashamedly looking like a pile of mush. Wondering if I can ever salvage it to make something wonderful. Thanks to this blog post, I have hope.

Kathy S. said... #

It's gorgeous! LOVE the colors on this one.

LynnJ in Wis said... #

Incredible journey to success! Love it! I admire your persistence. You have a beautiful quilt.

Linda said... #

I love your reworked quilt but what about the old pieces? Using the first quilt’s colors showed how nice the colors are but did nothing to rescue the first top. I have heard that if you think a fabric is ugly, you just haven’t cut it small enough yet. Could you possibly cut the remains of the first top into smaller pieces and use them? Maybe as a rail fence or log cabin or even just squares surrounded by black or gray? I love scraps and I would hate for your quilt to be trashed!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

I love this whole story from beginning to end. The experience of having someone, be it the salesperson or teacher, tell you that you don't know anything about fabric is such a horrible experience. This final quilt is a beautiful finish and it is something you love. Having a project that is a "failure" is a learning experience and I tend to have to learn some lessons like that. Your photography is wonderful and the backdrop for the photos is wonderful. This is a job well done and a story well told

Cool Lizzie said... #

This is a fabulous and amazing story - wow!! Your final result is a real stunner, and seeing the photos of how you got there are enormously helpful. You've given me some encouragement to get more bold with some of my UFOs that are ... ahem ... a bit disappointing ;)
I always enjoy your posts, tho I don't often comment. Thanks for keeping me on the list.

Needled Mom said... #

It really turned out beautifully. The colors are fabulous.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

OMG. What a story. I'm amazed at how some people can be so opinionated and bossy. I'm glad you found inspiration because the final quilt is one of my favorites of your quilts. The colors are just so soothing.