Thursday, November 10, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 11/10/22

It's been kind of  a quiet week.

Gabe and Ella had their first cross country meet. I think there were maybe five or six elementary schools. Ella came in 9th in third grade girls--and got a t-shirt saying she was a Top 10 finisher.
Gabe did well among fifth grade boys, placing 16th.
We have had some beautiful sunsets.

The other day we had the most phenomenal rainbow I have ever seen, but I was driving and could not take a photo. Not that I could have captured its beauty anyway...

I did like the way the white water tower popped against the dark skies.

And lest anyone think we do not get fall colors here in central California...

I've been sewing, but otherwise, that's about it for the past week.