Thursday, March 2, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 3/2/23


It seems like February just flew by, but then I also realize that half of the month was consumed with my father passing away. we are in March, and although there isn't much, I will catch up with the second half of February.

One evening in February, Christa went to a painting party at church. Aaron and the boys were spending the weekend in Joshua Tree, and Charlotte had other plans. So Ella and I had our own painting party. I got out a watercolor set and we had a good time. I really like her improv painting. 

My neighbor brought over some daffodils, as she does every year. 
As it was just the two of us, Mark and I decided to get our Superbowl Party food from KFC. We completed the feast with potato chips and Girl Scout cookies. Who even attempts to be healthy on Superbowl Sunday??
I just don't feel like this is a very good idea...
Pretty flower from friends, in honor of my dad.

Books I read/listened to in February. I was much happier with February's selections than most of January's books. I really enjoyed The Bodyguard, a fun and easy read about a female bodyguard in charge of guarding a famous actor. Louise Penny books never disappoint, and A World of Curiosities was so good. I'm often tempted to start the series from the beginning and read all of her books again. Bleeding Heart Yard is third in a fairly new series by Elly Griffiths, and I'm enjoying this series nearly as much as her Ruth Galloway series.  My two favorites for the month were Maame and Small Great Things, and I highly recommend each of them. 

I'm trying to remember this advice (although I kinda do still care about wrinkles and gray hair...).


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